DolarApp Case Study: Breaking Down Borders with Jumio

image of female holding phone screen. Phone is scanning face using face biometrics. Image reads: Breaking down borders with Jumio

DolarApp aims to make finances borderless by providing digital dollar accounts for Latin Americans. DolarApp makes it possible for customers in the LATAM region to send and receive transfers locally and in the U.S., dollarize their savings in a legal way and pay with an international Mastercard in any currency at the best rates – both when they travel and when they use DolarApp for everyday expenses.

DolarApp’s three co-founders saw a need for access to banking in dollars in LATAM. When developing the app, the team sought out an automated solution that would help quickly and easily verify customer identities during the onboarding process while meeting KYC compliance mandates. They also wanted a vendor with international compatibility and strong fraud prevention capabilities.

DolarApp has been a Jumio customer since 2021.

“Jumio is a core part of the onboarding process of our clients, making the process smoother thanks to the efficiency in the validations it offers,” said Alvaro Correa, DolarApp co-founder and chief operating officer.

Read the entire case study here.


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