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4Stop: Now a Jumio Company

January 19, 2022

Today, we are happy to announce that Jumio’s acquisition of 4Stop is complete, allowing us to take the next step forward in the evolution of our KYX platform. Jumio’s no-code orchestration platform will now be enhanced by 4Stop’s workflow engine. This tool makes it easy to use cascading verification logic to run various onboarding checks…

Scaleway Case Study: Providing a Premium Onboarding Process with Jumio

January 07, 2022

From high-performance cloud ecosystems to hyperscale green data centers, Scaleway provides the foundation for digital success. One of Europe’s few pure cloud service providers (CSPs), Scaleway’s offering covers the whole value chain, from software to hardware to data centers, which are operated mainly in the Paris region but also in Poland and the Netherlands. While…

AML Risk Assessments How & Why

AML Risk Assessments: Developing and Implementing a Plan for Your Organization

December 30, 2021

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes are designed to prevent illegal money transactions that  hide the source of funds earned from or funded for criminal activity. One of the best ways to improve your company’s security against these transactions is to develop a thorough risk assessment procedure. Although the law does not specifically require that you develop…

Risk Signals: A Deep Dive into the Next-Generation KYX Platform

December 16, 2021

Recently, we announced the release of Jumio’s next-generation KYX Platform that provides companies with a true 360-degree view of their customers. In addition to displaying a yes/no decision during user onboarding, we now provide deeper insights that help you make more nuanced decisions about how to do business with each customer. This is essential for…

Jumio to Acquire 4Stop, Realizing Strategic Vision of Redefining End-to-End Identity

December 07, 2021

Following up on our post about our next-generation KYX Platform, we are thrilled to announce today that we have signed an agreement to accelerate our business and technology vision by acquiring current strategic partner 4Stop, the leading data marketplace and orchestration hub for KYB, KYC, compliance and fraud prevention. The addition of 4Stop’s data sources…

AML Models – Definition, Development, Validation and Best Practices

November 12, 2021

Anti-money laundering (AML) practices help fight financial crimes by making it difficult to “wash” illegally acquired funds so that they look legitimate. Businesses, especially financial institutions and high-cash concerns, must be vigilant to prevent this criminal activity. While AML compliance is a high priority, members of the industry are not in complete agreement about what…

PEPs Mitigating Risk After The Pandora Papers Jumio

The Pandora Papers: The Importance of Enhanced Customer Due Diligence for PEPs

November 09, 2021

Anti-money laundering (AML) starts with knowing your customer. Multiple leaks such as the Panama Papers, Paradise Papers and most recently the Pandora Papers show that politically exposed persons (PEPs) are at higher risk for corruption. PEP screening is critical for ensuring your business takes a risk-based approach and performs enhanced due diligence on high-risk customers…

10 AML Rules

10 Anti-Money Laundering Rules For a Compliant AML Program

October 28, 2021

Money laundering schemes are difficult to detect. Money launderers use businesses like fintechs, banks, insurance companies, cryptocurrency dealers, gaming platforms, casinos and other financial services institutions to make their money look legitimate. The goal of anti-money laundering programs is to find these abnormal patterns in the sea of financial transaction data generated every day within…

The Future of Trust Orchestrated on the KYX Platform Jumio

The Next-generation KYX Platform is Here

October 25, 2021

In 2020, we announced the launch of the Jumio KYX Platform, an end-to-end compliance platform that allows our customers to ensure they’re fighting financial crime and meeting their regulatory obligations throughout the entire customer journey, from onboarding through ongoing monitoring. As part of this vision, Jumio is evolving what it means to know and trust…

Beyond CDD

What Does CDD (Customer Due Diligence) Mean for Banks and Financial Companies?

October 19, 2021

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without making sure they’re the right fit for the job, right? Just as employers thoroughly vet candidates, organizations across the financial services industry need to have a good read on their prospective clients before allowing them to open an account to mitigate fraud and money laundering risk. This is…

AML FINES What To Know Jumio

What To Know About AML Fines For 2021-2022

October 07, 2021

Anti-money laundering (AML) programs provide a set of measures within financial institutions to prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorism financing and other financial crime. AML programs are mandated by the government in various jurisdictions and are aimed at financial service providers, including banks, fintechs, insurance firms, credit unions, casinos, mortgage lenders and more. Failure to comply…

AML Technology

AML Technology That Helps Companies Maintain Compliance

September 17, 2021

For many, money laundering sounds like a crime that just happens in shady businesses or on television shows. Sadly, this financial crime is all too common and can plague ordinary businesses, especially financial services and fintechs that allow users to exchange funds. These businesses and institutions could be used to finance criminal enterprises and provide…