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What Is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

September 18, 2023

Identity fraud is a major concern for any company, particularly for those in the financial industry. One scam you need to guard against is synthetic identity fraud, a fast-growing type of identity theft that uses a combination of real and fake information. Sometimes known as Frankenstein IDs, criminals create these fake identities by stitching together…

Everything You Need to Know About Responsible Gaming — FAQs

September 06, 2023

From online casino games to sports betting and wagering apps, online gambling (gaming) is becoming increasingly popular throughout the U.S. and around the world. That’s why it’s more important than ever for gaming operators and players to understand responsible gaming and follow safer gambling practices to keep it fun and avoid harm. In honor of…

Age Verification vs. Age Gating

Age Verification vs. Age Gating: How AI Aids Online Minor Safety

August 30, 2023

An age gate is a pop-up window, checkbox, or sign-up form that asks website visitors whether they’re old enough to access the site’s content or use the provided services. Age gating is programmed to prohibit minors from misusing age-restricted products and services. However, this approach can be easily bypassed by using a fake qualifying date…

The Harsh Reality of Account Takeover Fraud and the Future of Prevention [Infographic]

July 19, 2023

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is when a bad actor seizes control of an online account, changes information such as the username, password or other personal information, and then makes unauthorized transactions with that account. ATO is on the rise, and businesses and banks are in the crosshairs. 2022 had the second-highest number of data compromises…

image of green background with computer keyboard. Text image reads: From Phishing to Deepfakes. 5 Evolving and Emerging Fraud Types.

From Phishing to Deepfakes: Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Online Fraud

July 10, 2023

“Are you who you say you are?” This seemingly simple question, once reserved for the philosophical musings of great thinkers, has now found its way into the uncharted territories of the digital landscape. It’s no longer the scholars debating identity — it’s the online businesses desperate to discern the truth amidst the ever-looming threat of…

KYC: What “Know Your Customer” Means and Why It’s Important

June 26, 2023

Know Your Customer (KYC) refers to the process institutions use to verify the identities of their customers and ascertain what fraud risks they may pose. The premise is that knowing your customers — performing identity verification, reviewing their financial activities, and assessing their risk factors — can keep money laundering, terrorism financing and other types…

image of robotic hand pressing computer buttons on a laptop. Image text reads: Fighting AI with AI

Fighting AI with AI: What Businesses Need to Know about Generative AI and Fraud

June 12, 2023

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has caused a massive leap forward in technology. Tasks such as researching and writing reports as well as creating images can now be done in seconds instead of days or months. But while these automation tools can lead to vastly improved efficiencies for businesses, it is also ushering in a new…

What is Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)?

May 31, 2023

In today’s business and regulatory climate, a business should not only be concerned with making profits — it should also attempt to know who it has business dealings with. This means identifying and verifying customers’ identities and meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) guidelines. When a financial institution creates a new business…

text image: Infographic. 2023 Online Identity Consumer Study. 3 Key Findings.

3 Key Findings from Jumio’s 2023 Online Identity Consumer Study [Infographic]

May 31, 2023

Generative AI has captured the imagination of millions worldwide, largely driven by the recent success of ChatGPT, the text-generation chatbot. While there are many potential benefits when it comes to this technology, in the wrong hands it also serves as a powerful weapon for taking cybercrime to a whole new level through the creation of…

image of computer in the background. Text of image: Identity Theft & Fraud: 7 Common Types

7 Most Common Types of Identity Theft and Fraud

May 30, 2023

The ability to conduct financial transactions online and share personal data provides huge benefits in terms of speed and availability of services that might not be possible otherwise. But this convenience can also come at a cost. Various types of identity theft and fraud are growing every year, thanks to data breaches and the ever-evolving…

image of California ID on smartphone screen with computer in the background. Image text: AML Compliance for iGaming. Trends, Technology and Threats

AML Regulatory Compliance — Trends, Technology and Threats for Online Gaming Operators

May 16, 2023

The online gaming industry has witnessed massive growth in recent years and shows no sign of abating – the sector is projected to grow to USD 153.6 billion globally by 2030. Unfortunately, the increase in activity has been accompanied by increased risk of exploitation by financial criminals and increased scrutiny from regulators. More than ever…

image of women sitting down with her legs crossed looking at her smart device. The women is wearing glasses with a suitcase next to her. Text on image reads: Know Your Traveler.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Fraud in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

May 15, 2023

With the dramatic rise of criminals using generative AI to defraud companies, it’s not just banks and financial services organizations who are at risk. Companies in the travel and hospitality industry — and their customers — are increasingly suffering from fraud attacks. Meanwhile, 75% of travelers say they’d rather use biometrics in place of passports…