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Government Database Checks

Additional ID assurance from authoritative sources

Enhance verification by checking IDs against government database sources

How it Works


1.   Add Government Database checks to ID Verification (or use as standalone service).


2.   End user submits ID during onboarding check.


3.   Jumio extracts name, date of birth and other data from ID.


4.   Jumio checks data against government databases and flags any risky transactions.

Global Sources

Jumio checks IDs against government databases around the world, including the following:
Argentina AFIP Database Check
Argentina RENAPER Biometric Check
Argentina RENAPER Database Check
Australia Electoral Roll Database Check
Australia DVS Database Check
Brazil CPF Lookup
Brazil CPF Lookup & Biometrics
Brazil Receita Federal Database Check
Chile RUT Database Check
China National Citizen Identity Information Centre
(NCIIC) Database Check
Denmark CPR Database Check
Finland VRK Database Check
France Car Registration Database Check
German Government Database Check
Ghana Driving License Database Check
Ghana Driving License Database Check
Indian National Voter Database Check
Italy Protesti Database Check
Kenya Citizenship Database Check
Mexico CURP Database Check
Mexico INE Credential Validation
Netherlands Kadaster Database Check
Nigeria INEC Database Check
Nigeria NIN Database Check
South Africa Field Audit Database Check
South Africa Home Affairs Database Check
Spain Borme Database Check
Swedish SPAR Register Database Check
UK Electoral Roll Database Check
(United States) DMV Driver’s License Check

Use Cases

Remote customer onboarding
Provide a fast, simple and user-friendly onboarding experience from multiple channels including mobile and webcam. The identity verification service integrates seamlessly into your process as a native mobile app (SDK), mobile web or API-based implementation.
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Remote customer onboarding
Fraud detection
Using informed AI technology, Jumio offers advanced fraud detection services to benefit both customers and financial institutions. Mitigate your risks to help save time and money and increase fraud prevention.
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Fraud detection
KYC/AML compliance
Stay up to date with global regulatory requirements without sacrificing the customer experience. Jumio’s KYC and AML solutions provide biometric-based identity verification and AML screening.
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KYC/AML compliance

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