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The Jumio Platform

Online trust.
On your terms.

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Redefine how you establish and maintain trust online.

Jumio helps you know and trust your customers online throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Our platform provides AI-driven services that verify the identities of new and existing users, fight fraud and help you meet compliance mandates.


Establish Trust from the Start

Deter fraud and assess the risk of new customers in real time with identity verification and risk detection

Ongoing Monitoring

Maintain Trust Along the Way

Keep your business safe and compliant through biometric authentication and ongoing monitoring of customers


Streamline the Trust Experience

Build powerful, risk-based workflows for your exact business needs with our orchestration layer while providing a great end-user experience

Intelligent Solutions for Every Step

One vendor. One platform. One API layer. The Jumio platform has all the solutions you need across the user journey.

Identity Verification

  • Jumio validates the user’s ID, corroborates it with a selfie and uses advanced liveness detection to ensure the person is actually present, not a deepfake
  • Biometric-based authentication makes sure a returning user is the same person you onboarded, preventing account takeovers
  • The flexible onboarding journey can be embedded into your existing apps and workflows via mobile or web
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Risk Signals

  • Harness powerful risk signals to understand and mitigate a customer’s risk to your business throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Leverage over 500 global data sources to confirm their personally identifiable information (PII) including name, address, date of birth, phone, email, device, IP address, bank account status and more
Learn more about Risk Signals

AML Screening

  • Screen customers against watchlists for sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), adverse media and more to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements.
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The Unified Portal Puts the Power in Your Hands

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Streamline Your Business Logic

Create dynamic workflows that trigger the right checks at the right time, creating friction only for higher-risk individuals. Start with our expert-built library of over 800 rules and use the intuitive, self-service rules editor to customize them.

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Understand Risk at a Glance

Jumio calculates a single configurable risk score from multiple risk signals to help you make the right decisions. Use the score in your workflows to trigger additional assessments as needed.

Harness Powerful Analytics

Easily spot trends in transactions, usage and success metrics from our user-friendly dashboards and run detailed reports to help you maximize efficiency.

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Key Benefits

  • Award-Winning User Experience Provide a great experience for your good customers without increasing risk.
  • AI/Machine Learning Powered by AI and machine learning with unmatched real production data sets.
  • Dynamic Workflows Trigger the right services at the right time based on your business needs and the risk of each customer.
  • Self-Service Rules Editor Modify rules in real time to respond to sudden shifts in trends.
  • Global Coverage Anytime, anywhere, Jumio covers over 200 countries and territories and more than 5,000 ID types.
  • Security Bank-grade security and compliance features help protect user data and privacy.

Jumio is the Industry Leader in Trusted Identity Solutions

Leveraging the unmatched global coverage, scale and size of our data network, we are able to drive industry-leading, smarter machine learning and artificial intelligence to help detect and stop fraud and financial crime faster while minimizing bias and providing the highest accuracy.

1 billion transactions processed worldwide
Supports more than 5,000 ID documents across 200 countries & territories
Leveraging over 500 best-in-class global data sources
image of two icons. Icon on the left represents id verification. Icon on right represents the user. Invented the method of verification using a government-issued ID paired with a corroborating selfie
green and blue gradient icon that is an award symbol Industry awards winner for innovation, growth and technology

Trusted by leading brands worldwide.

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