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Identity verification, eKYC and compliance solutions powered by AI.

Fraudsters and money launderers have no place in today’s digital economy. To protect against fraud and financial crime, businesses online need to know and trust that their customers are who they claim to be — and that these customers continue to be trustworthy. Jumio uses the power of AI, biometrics, machine learning and state-of-the-art liveness detection to help you rapidly convert more customers, stop fraudsters from infiltrating your online ecosystem and get in compliance with KYC/AML.

Jumio protects the ecosystems of businesses through the Jumio platform, a unified, end-to-end identity verification and eKYC orchestration platform offering a range of solutions to accurately establish, maintain and reassert trust from account opening to ongoing monitoring. Customers, patients, employees … whoever your users are, the Jumio platform delivers the assurance you need to know, then trust.

Jumio has processed over 1 billion transactions from over 200 countries and territories from real-time web and mobile transactions. Jumio’s solutions are used by leading companies in the financial services, sharing economy, digital currency, retail, travel and online gaming sectors.

Based in Sunnyvale, California, Jumio operates globally with offices and representation in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

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