Better Together

Together, Jumio and Oracle allow enterprises to verify a customer’s identity and confirm the authenticity of their official documents with in-channel video ID verification.

Enterprise-level Video Identity Verification for Remote Onboarding

Financial institutions, gaming companies, government agencies and other industries want to remotely identify customers by leveraging the user data already available in their Oracle systems databases. With Jumio + Oracle Live Experience, customers use a mobile app to scan their documents for real-time verification and are then connected to an associate for final verification through a video session.

Use in-channel video ID verification to:

  • Onboard new users simply and quickly from a mobile app
  • Reduce your operational costs while meeting compliance mandates
  • Provide a seamless remote customer experience
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How it Works

Oracle-enabled enterprises incorporate Jumio’s solutions into their onboarding workflow to streamline the capture of identity documentation and perform identity verification checks before the video session is launched. Organizations can quickly build workflows to capture pictures of government-issued IDs and corroborating selfies to more definitively establish the digital identities of their end users.

Step 1

A consumer wants to open a new account online and begins the KYC process from the Oracle LX interface.

Step 2

The built-in Jumio interface prompts them to upload a valid ID.

Step 3

Jumio verifies the ID document, extracts the data via OCR and presents that information to an Oracle Live Experience agent.

Step 4

The consumer is taken immediately to a two-way live video call. The agent matches the picture on the ID to the consumer’s face on screen to ensure that the ID actually belongs to them and reviews the Jumio results. The agent then completes the online verification process.

The Jumio + Oracle Advantage

Streamlined Identity Proofing

Jumio seamlessly captures customer identification documents and performs real-time verification checks before launching the video session, minimizing time spent on the call.

Easy Implementation

Simply configure Jumio Identity Verification in your Oracle Live Experience Admin Console, then include the Jumio SDK in your iOS or Android app.

Full Compliance

Meet local regulations and standards for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS), and more.

More Benefits

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Faster Onboarding

Perform all ID checks remotely and reduce onboarding time from hours to a few minutes

Reduced Operational Costs

Jumio leverages informed AI and a proprietary mix of technologies to deliver a definitive yes/no decision — lessening the need for time-consuming and costly in-house manual reviews.

Optimize Compliance

Replace slow, ineffective and manual KYC processes with more automated solutions that can be embedded within the online account setup and onboarding experience.

Higher Conversions

Jumio’s award-winning UX reduces abandonment rates and increases conversions by providing an engaging, responsive experience on desktop, mobile and web. Jumio’s automated image capturing technology makes sure that your users take the highest quality possible ID pictures with their mobile phones.

Global Coverage

Jumio supports more than 5,000 ID document types from more than 200 countries and territories.

Better Fraud Detection

The simple act of requiring a selfie and performing a liveness check has a chilling effect on most fraudsters.

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