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Liveness Detection

Jumio’s state-of-the-art liveness detection ensures your users are physically present and not a spoof

Advanced Biometric-Based Verification that Fights AI with AI

How it Works


1. ID Check

Is the identity document (ID) authentic and valid?


2. Selfie + Liveness Check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo? Are they physically present during the transaction?


3. Risk-based Decision

Jumio calculates the fraud risk and approves or rejects the identity transaction in seconds based on your predefined risk tolerances.

Key Benefits


AI-driven Technology

Active liveness detection algorithms use neural networks to help defend against fraudsters, identity theft, deepfakes and other spoofing attempts to increase fraud prevention.

Intuitive User Experience

As easy as taking a selfie, users simply center their face on the screen. No complicated patterns to follow or gesture-based gimmicks, like asking a user to blink, move their eyes or speak a random passcode, as these techniques add friction to the experience and are also easily fooled by basic spoofing tactics.

Advanced Selfie Technology

Jumio’s liveness detection simply requires the user to hold their mobile device at a natural angle. The solution then performs liveness and anti-spoofing detection using advanced selfie technology to ensure the user is real (not a photo, video or paper copy), is not wearing a mask and is physically present at the time of the detection.

Highly Secure

Jumio’s liveness detection technology has passed testing by NIST/NVLAP Accredited Lab iBeta for ISO Presentation Attack Detection.

Get Started

Let a Jumio expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated liveness detection into your identity verification processes.