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Face-Based Biometrics

A Critical Layer of Protection Against Stolen Identities and Impersonations

Jumio’s biometric technology enables us to verify that the ID document truly belongs to the person making the transaction. Biometrics adds a critical layer of protection against stolen IDs and impersonation attacks.

It’s a simple and familiar task for your users — all they have to do is take a selfie. Jumio uses this selfie to create a biometric template and to perform advanced facial scanning. We compare the user’s facial biometrics to the photo on the ID document, and generate two scores: one for validity and one for facial similarity. The validity score tells whether the selfie is a valid, live selfie — not a prerecorded video, bot or deepfake. The similarity score, which is also powered by informed AI, indicates the confidence level that the image in the selfie matches the photo in the identity document. If the similarity score is too low, we alert you to the possibility of impersonation fraud.

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