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User Onboarding
Bring good customers forward faster with online identity verification.

Online Identity Verification for Fast, Secure User Onboarding

When opening an account, customers want a fast, secure onboarding process. Identity verification plays a critical role in ensuring the person opening an account is indeed who they say they are — not a criminal using stolen identity data. The right online identity solution will let you tailor and streamline the onboarding process to bring good customers forward faster, and keep bad actors out for good.

Tailored to Your Business

With our fully enabled SDK & API, Jumio can fit right into your onboarding process to convert good customers with a smooth and secure experience.


Sleek User Interface

Jumio’s award-winning UX reduces abandonment by providing an engaging, responsive experience on desktop, mobile and web.


Fast, Accurate Verification

Jumio’s AI-powered identity verification technology delivers accurate results in near real-time, with a definitive yes or no answer that reduces your reliance on manual reviews.

"The combination of Jumio's ID document authentication and facial comparison supports speedy account opening for our customers, and make for a better and faster customer experience. "
- Ismail Ahmed, CEO at WorldRemit

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