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Address Checks

Validate and corroborate addresses with independent, third-party sources.

Validate and Corroborate Customer Addresses


Jumio Address Validation

Determine if the address extracted from a government-issued ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license, ID card) or other document (e.g., utility bill, bank statement) exists in the real world.

Jumio Address Validation standardizes, validates and geocodes addresses from over 200 countries and territories — in fractions of a second.


Jumio Proof of Residence

See if the person being verified actually lives at the physical address extracted from their ID or document.

Jumio checks with government, credit and commercial data sources from around the world to corroborate the physical address and verify the person’s residence.

How It Works


1. Extract

Jumio extracts the user’s address via OCR and informed AI from the ID or document through one of Jumio’s Identity Verification services.


2. Verify

Jumio Address Validation checks the address against a number of trusted data sources (e.g., USPS, Royal Mail) to properly format and ensure that the address exists in a given jurisdiction. Jumio Proof of Residence then checks that the user actually lives there.


3. Normalize

Jumio returns a properly formatted, standardized address that is compatible with postal authorities.

"Jumio enables us to cut the time it takes to verify new customers from days to seconds, through the ease of submitting documents via their document verification tool. This facilitates the company’s further expansion, while also assisting us to remain fully compliant with KYC and AML legislation in all of the relevant jurisdictions."

Russell Medley, Director of Fraud and Risk Management,
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Solution Highlights


Powerful Fraud Signal

Help deter fraud on a global basis by confirming the existence of a given address and/or confirming the subject actually lives at the address captured on the ID or document.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Some regional regulations require you to validate addresses and establish proof of residency using independent public sources.

Properly Formatted Addresses

Jumio returns a valid and standardized address which ensures that only valid billing and shipping addresses are captured and used in your systems.

Single API

Instead of integrating multiple APIs for address and identity validation, you can now just use one API.

Lower Cost

Take advantage of negotiated lower rates based on Jumio’s global purchasing power.

Ease of Scale

Jumio provides a rich set of fraud signals using a single, underlying platform.

Get Started

Let a Jumio expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated address checks into your existing processes.