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Doc Proof

Jumio Doc Proof provides companies with a quick and easy way to verify customer information through identity documents and secondary documents captured on a smartphone.
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Automatically Establish Proof of Address with Jumio

How It Works


1. Acquire Document Image

The end user easily captures secondary document types such as utility bills, bank statements, credit card statements and Social Security cards with their smartphone or webcam.


2. Extract Data

Jumio finds and masks sensitive data such as credit card numbers and other PII data, while pulling information relevant to ID verification.


3. Proof of Address and Residence

Using Jumio Address Services, automatically verify the address exists and that your customer lives there — all from within the same workflow.

See Doc Proof in Action

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"There was definitely an increase in conversions as a result of implementing Jumio, and a big step change for us compared to when we were doing manual reviews. That helped us in a real, tangible way. It was very impactful for onboarding and conversions."

Jason Harper, Vice President of Product, Paysafe
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Solution Highlights


Simplify the User Experience

Easily captures a picture of a secondary document using a smartphone camera and performs optical character recognition (OCR) of the images to automatically decipher the text.

Count on Accurate Results

Computer vision technology, AI and automation combine to deliver exceptionally high extraction accuracy, even when documents are creased or crumpled.

Get Results Quickly and Automatically

Data extraction occurs in seconds on multiple file types, fonts and languages, enabling clients to easily extract information from documents across the world.

Enhance Customer Identity Verification

Easily extract and compare names and addresses from utility bills, bank statements, credit card statements and official documents like Social Security cards.

Reduce Operational Costs with Automation

Reduce manual review processes with automated, scalable data extraction and streamline the onboarding journey.

Meet Compliance Mandates

Capture proof of identity and proof of address to meet AML, KYC and KYB requirements, as required in many jurisdictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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