Trusted Identity Verification for Telcos

Eliminate SIM Swap Fraud and Protect Subscriber Identity

Reports of SIM swap fraud have gone up by 400% in five years. Jumio’s biometric-based identity verification and authentication solutions can help ensure that phone numbers are only transferred to the legitimate account owners.

  • Prevent SIM swap fraud
  • Verify customer identity for prepaid accounts
  • Provide better in-store customer service

Solutions Across the Telcos Industry

SIM Swap Fraud

Move beyond SMS-based two-factor authentication and protect your subscribers against SIM swap fraud by leveraging biometric authentication to help call center employees separate legitimate requests from fraudulent ones.

New Account Onboarding

Simplify the remote onboarding process by enabling your customers to create new accounts — anytime, anywhere — with integrated identity verification. This will reduce online abandonment and lead to more subscribers.

PCI Compliance

Jumio is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant and regularly conducts security audits, vulnerability scans and penetration tests to ensure compliance with security best practices and standards.

Credit Card Processing

Reduce payment and CNP fraud by verifying customers' identity documents and ensure that the person holding the credit card is who they say they are.

Login Protection

Protect the online accounts of your subscriber base from account takeovers with biometric-based authentication and increase the confidence that the person logging into their online accounts is the actual account owner.

Mobile Checkout

Instantly extract payment data, customer name, and if present, address data too.

How Jumio Benefits Telcos

Eliminate SIM Swap Fraud

SIM swapping occurs when someone contacts a wireless carrier and is able to convince the call center employee that they are, in fact, you, using your personal data. Instead of relying on insecure methods of authentication, including SMS-based two-factor authentication, use biometric authentication to definitively assess the digital identity of the subscriber requesting the phone number change.

Reduce Drop-off in the Account Opening Process

Telecommunications firms using online channels to originate new account applications are turning to Jumio to decrease application abandonment and accurately capture data to boost credit referencing application success rates.

Verify Customer Identity for Prepaid Accounts

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are increasingly being regulated to verify the identity of their existing prepaid customer base. Faced with the option of receiving millions of copies of ID documents by mail, email or in-branch, Jumio’s technology is providing an efficient and accurate way to meet this significant compliance challenge.

Recommended Solutions

Jumio Document Verification

Automatically determine proof of address from pictures of utility bills, credit card and bank statements.

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