Better Together

Together, Jumio and Sift Connect can help transform your business with unified fraud prevention for fintech, crypto and iGaming.

Unified Fraud Prevention

Fraud is increasingly complex to manage, and the technology your business has in place must evolve with it. Jumio has partnered with Sift, the leader in Digital Trust & Safety, to unify your fraud prevention data and tools in one place.

Jumio specializes in identity verification to ensure your customers are who they say they are. Sift specializes in intelligent, real-time fraud prevention. With the Sift + Jumio connector, you can use Sift to monitor your transactions and trigger Jumio Identity Verification as needed in one streamlined, dynamic workflow.

Consider a trusted payment source paired with suspicious shipping information. Sift Workflows can launch Jumio Identity Verification to confirm that the person placing an order is who they say they are — not a fraudster who has taken over the account.

Advantages of Jumio + Sift

Streamline Orchestration

Accurately assess when KYC and ID verification should be applied directly from Sift with a simple connector.

Deliver Dynamic Friction

Use Sift Workflows to make risk-based decisions in real time, at scale, and serve additional friction as appropriate.

Operational Efficiency

Keep costs low and reduce the number of verifications needed by proactively blocking fraudulent users.

Sift: Purpose-built to beat more fraud, faster.

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Custom Modeling

One size doesn’t fit all. Sift’s model is tuned to your unique customers and business goals, delivering you the accuracy and insight you need to grow safely.
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Dedicated Support

Our trust and safety experts partner with you at every step to build reliable, long-term relationships and ensure your unique needs are met.
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Low-code Integration

With a few low-code steps, you’ll be integrated with the Sift + Jumio connector and ready to take your business to the next level.
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Actionable Insights

Automate more fraud decisions, reduce manual review and report on key metrics using out-of-the-box dashboards that keep you at maximum efficiency.
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Real-time Machine Learning

Sift’s advanced models incorporate new learnings in milliseconds, so you can catch fraud faster with risk assessments that are always up to date.

Global Data Network

Stay ahead of emerging trends with access to the shared learnings from over 70B+ events per month across Sift’s global network of customers.

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