Better Together

Together, Jumio and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a frictionless and secure online identity proofing solution that enables organizations to verify new and existing users with the ease of taking a selfie.

Remote Onboarding and eKYC Simplified

Modern organizations rely on identity proofing to meet a variety of compliance mandates, combat online fraud and drive customer acquisition in a user-friendly and seamless way.

By partnering with Jumio, organizations can reliably validate the digital identities of their online customers in seconds and grant them appropriate access to the sites and services they need.

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How it Works

Enterprises can incorporate Jumio’s solutions right into their existing apps and workflows to streamline the capture of identity documentation and perform identity verification. Organizations can quickly build workflows to capture pictures of government-issued IDs and corroborating selfies to more definitively establish the digital identities of their end users.

On the back end, Jumio leverages a highly secure and scalable AWS platform with gold-standard services including Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, Amazon RDS, Elasticsearch and Amazon Cognito.

1. ID Check

Is the identity document (ID) authentic and valid?

2. Selfie + Liveness Check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo? Are they physically present during the transaction?

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3. Definitive Answer

Jumio Identity Verification delivers a definitive yes or no answer in seconds.

The Jumio + AWS Advantage

Identity Proofing & Authentication

Jumio seamlessly captures customer identification documents and performs real-time verification checks.

Bank-Grade Security

Security is a top priority for Jumio, and solutions in our platform have achieved various certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013, PCI DSS and SOC2 Type 2. The liveness detection solution has passed Levels 1 and 2 testing by NIST/NVLAP Accredited Lab iBeta for ISO Presentation Attack Detection.

Full Compliance

Meet local regulations and standards for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS), and more.


Faster Onboarding

Perform all ID checks remotely and reduce onboarding time from hours to a few minutes.

Better Fraud Detection

The simple act of requiring a selfie and performing a liveness check has a chilling effect on most fraudsters.

Intuitive User Experience

Thanks to smartphone manufacturers (most notably Apple and Samsung) the notion of unlocking your digital identity with your face has become a familiar and intuitive process.

Global Coverage

Jumio supports more than 5,000 ID document types from more than 200 countries and territories.

Reduced operational costs

Jumio leverages informed AI and a proprietary mix of technologies to deliver a definitive yes/no decision — lessening the need for time-consuming and costly in-house manual reviews.

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