Get Compliant with Biometric-Based Identity Verification

As global regulatory requirements and competition tighten, it is imperative to meet Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) requirements without sacrificing the user experience.

How Jumio Helps

Comply in Real Time

With the rise of a global digital environment, Jumio’s AI-driven technology uses innovative machine learning to quickly and accurately verify a user's identity through three layers of verification.

Reduce Fraud

In 2019, more than $8 billion in AML fines were handed out. Adopting ID, identity and document verification solutions, coupled with PEPs and sanctions screening, can help keep you in compliance and demonstrate to regulators just how seriously you take financial crime.

Easy to Use

Jumio makes KYC and AML easy as 1-2-3. Your users are taken through a quick series of steps that includes ID capture, a quick selfie with certified liveness detection, and are then verified in seconds.

Streamline Customer Due Diligence

CDD is the act of performing background checks on the customer to ensure that they are properly risk-assessed before being onboarded. Jumio can help confirm that new customers are not on any prohibited lists and assess their risk factors.

Jumio Identity Verification in Action

"As Monzo continues to grow and pursue new markets, we know that Jumio will scale with our business and continue to provide an essential service — helping Monzo create the best-possible experience for our banking customers while fighting financial crime."

Natasha Vernier
Head of Financial Crime, Monzo

Get Started

Let a Jumio expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated verification solutions into your onboarding process, whether it be within your app or on your website. Request more information here and we’ll be in touch shortly.