Better Together

Jumio and Azurian help you create a 100% digital journey for your customers by validating new customer identities, verifying their information and enabling them to electronically order products and services, sign documents and prove their identity upon delivery — all online, from any device.

Deliver a Flexible and Smooth Customer Experience

Azurian’s flexible modules allow you to streamline online onboarding, financial evaluation, transactions and sales. The combination of Azurian’s technologies and Jumio’s identity solutions allows companies to validate new customer identities online and get trustworthy information regarding their ID card, income and seniority for a financial evaluation.

Digital Customer Journey

Digital Onboarding

Meet and acquire new customers remotely ensuring that the ID document belongs to a real person through facial recognition. Easily extract data from over 5,000 ID types including identity cards, passports and driver’s licenses.

ID Validity

Verify whether the identity document is valid or blocked and understand from what date and why. If needed, get a direct consultation with local identification entities.

Identity Verification

Check your customer and non-customer identities. Verify the document’s authenticity and that it belongs to the person attempting to do business with your firm.

More Benefits

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Job Information

Speed ​​up the sales process by obtaining online customer job information from the local issuing agencies. (Available in Chile and Peru)
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Safer Transactions

Use facial authentication to prevent fraud. Deliver more security during account sign-in, transaction authorization or update of sensitive information.
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Electronic Document Signing

Allow your clients to buy your products and services through an electronic document signature, either simple or advanced. Facilitate the insurance sales process, financial onboarding and more.
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Safe Product Delivery

Dispatch products or documents to the customer's home, ensuring that the holder receives it by verifying their identity with facial recognition and signing the contracts with an electronic signature.

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