Jumio Use Case
High Risk Transactions
High risk online transactions require a higher level of identity assurance.

Enhance Security and Compliance with Online Identity Verification for High Risk Transactions

Establishing or re-establishing identity is critical for high risk electronic transactions that involve access to customer information or the movement of funds to other parties. These transactions require higher levels of identity assurance since they are more susceptible to fraud, account takeover and money laundering.

More Robust Controls

Given what’s at stake, banks and other organizations vulnerable to downside risk (i.e., if bad actors get through the front door) need to implement more robust controls as the risk level of the transaction increases.


Layered Security

A layered fraud prevention approach that includes server-based fraud detection and out-of-band transaction verification, including ID, identity, and document verification, can greatly mitigate the risks.


Triggered Workflows

More and more of our customers are implementing strong identity verification at account set-up and then triggering re-verifications whenever a risky transaction occurs.

“None of this would be possible without the security and trust Jumio enable us to provide our members.”
- Max Handler, Director of Community Strategy at WeWork

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