Automated Identity Verification, Risk Assessment and Compliance

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Identity Verification
Onboard new customers faster and keep fraudsters off your platform with identity verification. Services include verifying the user’s ID, comparing it to their selfie, determining whether the person is physically present and not a deepfake, collecting supplemental documentation such as utility bills, authenticating users when they return to your platform, and more.
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Risk Signals
Risk signals provide extra assurance without increasing friction for legitimate users. By checking the reputation of the user’s device, email address, phone number and more, you can thoroughly assess their risk and stop fraudsters at the door.
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AML Screening
During onboarding and throughout the entire customer lifecycle, you can automatically screen your customers against watchlists including sanctions, adverse media and politically exposed persons (PEPs) lists. This screening is essential for businesses such as banks and gaming operators that need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.
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Experience the Jumio Difference

Optimize Conversions

Jumio provides an automated and intuitive eKYC user experience that takes less than a minute to complete.

Global Footprint

Jumio supports more countries, languages, and document types than any other solution.

Cross-Platform Support

Jumio seamlessly integrates into websites, iOS and Android applications via APIs, SDKs and web apps.

Fast Implementation

Quickly integrates into your website or mobile app and lets your users switch from a desktop to mobile experience as desired.

Secure Data Storage

Jumio uses bank-grade security, and all data is transmitted and stored with strong AES 256-bit encryption.

The UX Experts

Our award-winning user interface employs best practices for minimizing friction and abandonment rates by using fewer screens, a more intuitive workflow and course correction codes.

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