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Jumio Identity Verification

Jumio automates the online identity verification process. Prevent online identity fraud and identity theft, and simplify KYC/AML compliance while providing a frictionless onboarding experience.

Automate and Simplify Identity Verification

Jumio Identity Verification uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and biometrics to automate the verification process and help companies improve conversion rates, comply with AML and KYC regulations and better detect fraud — all while delivering a definitive yes/no decision in seconds.

How It Works


1. ID Proofing Check

Is the ID document authentic and valid?


2. Similarity Check

Is the person holding the ID the same person shown in the ID photo?


3. Liveness Check

Is the person holding the ID physically present during the transaction?


4. Definitive Answer

Jumio Identity Verification delivers a definitive yes or no answer in seconds.

See Identity Verification in Action

"By adding Jumio into the customer verification process, we are making life quicker and easier for our customers, minimising fall-out from lengthy verification processes and removing costly man hours where we have to receive and review documents manually."

Phillip Rivers, Head of Registrations, Payments and Fraud, betfair

Product Highlights


User Experience

Dramatically reduce user friction and verification time while increasing conversion rates.

Automatically Verify IDs

Ensure secure ID document authentication by checking against known ID templates to ensure that all the requisite security checks (e.g., holograms, watermarks, font types, etc.) are present.

Similarity Check

Make sure the person in the selfie is the same person pictured on the ID document.


Comply with KYC, AML, CCPA,GDPR and many more privacy and financial services regulations and directives.

Certified Liveness Check

Perform liveness detection using advanced face-based biometric technology for spoof-proofing.

Course Correction

Reduce abandonment rates by enabling your users to retake a picture of their ID or selfie if the initial image is unreadable.


All data is transmitted and stored with strong AES 256-bit encryption. Jumio is PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant.

Fraud Deterrence

Subjects users to a brief liveness check which serves as a powerful fraud deterrent for many scammers who prefer not to share their own likeness with the company they're looking to defraud.

Get Started

Let a Jumio expert show you how easy it can be to integrate our automated identity verification and AML solutions into your existing processes.
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