:Dribe Case Study: Accelerating the Customer Onboarding Workflow with Jumio

:Dribe is determined to revolutionize the way people drive. They believe that Denmark — one of the world’s best countries for adopting new technology — is ready to trade car ownership for a smarter approach to mobility and thus offers a fully digital car subscription service designed to give customers unmatched freedom, convenience and peace of mind. Due to the short commitment period of only 30 days, customers are able to adapt their subscription to best suit their needs.

User experience was a priority when designing the :Dribe app. The team wanted to give good customers the ability to onboard 24/7 so they could easily book a car whenever and wherever they were, but :Dribe also needed the security checks in place to protect its fleet from theft and fraud.

:Dribe launched in 2018 with the power of Jumio eKYC under the hood. :Dribe initially used Jumio for ID verification but discovered they also needed to ensure the person holding the ID was the same person shown in the ID photo, as scammers were using stolen driver’s licenses to create fraudulent accounts.

After introducing Jumio Identity Verification to :Dribe’s onboarding process, fraud attempts dropped by 75%.

“Jumio allows us to focus on building our core business without worrying about and wasting time and precious resources on fraud,” said Erik Asbjørn Arvid, :Dribe CTO. “Using Jumio has also carved out the need to manually check the driver’s licenses of our customers, which would have been a huge burden in our daily operations.”

Read the entire case study here, and learn more about :Dribe at www.dribe.io.


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