4Stop: Now a Jumio Company


Today, we are happy to announce that Jumio’s acquisition of 4Stop is complete, allowing us to take the next step forward in the evolution of our KYX platform.

Jumio’s no-code orchestration platform will now be enhanced by 4Stop’s workflow engine. This tool makes it easy to use cascading verification logic to run various onboarding checks dynamically, such as running a set of essential checks first and only triggering additional checks if needed. The interface allows business users to easily configure their onboarding workflows to meet their compliance needs and use cases.

4Stop’s global data marketplace and orchestration hub integrates with multiple vendors, providing access to over 650 data sources across 195 countries. This means Jumio customers around the world will be able to access all the onboarding and ongoing monitoring checks they need without having to manage contracts with third-party data providers or spend development resources on multiple API integrations to enable the services in their workflows.


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