Scaleway Case Study: Providing a Premium Onboarding Process with Jumio

From high-performance cloud ecosystems to hyperscale green data centers, Scaleway provides the foundation for digital success. One of Europe’s few pure cloud service providers (CSPs), Scaleway’s offering covers the whole value chain, from software to hardware to data centers, which are operated mainly in the Paris region but also in Poland and the Netherlands.

While Scaleway’s most affordable products are available to clients after a standard login and password connection, they need to make sure that premium products are only available to verified customers and not fraudsters attempting to abuse the CSP by testing fake credit cards, hosting illicit content or launching DDoS or spam attacks. This was a manual process managed by Scaleway’s Trust & Safety Team, and it proved to be frustrating for new clients.

Scaleway needed an automated solution that would enable them to verify customer identities in a matter of seconds while meeting Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance mandates. They also wanted a vendor with international compatibility and strong fraud prevention capabilities.

Jumio has been Scaleway’s identity verification vendor for the past year, during which time Scaleway has seen a dramatic drop in fraud and manual application review.

“Jumio now allows us to provide a highly scalable KYC process that was otherwise manual, partial, time consuming, not 24/7 and led to mistakes, including fraudulent accounts,” said Hedi Serradj, Scaleway’s head of customer experience. “We are now more efficient at detecting true positives, and provide faster onboarding and satisfaction to legitimate new clients.”

Read the entire case study here.


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