Two Years Later: Reflections on Jumio’s Acquisition of 4Stop

Jumio + 4Stop: 2 Years Later

It’s been two years since 4Stop was acquired by Jumio, and as the former 4Stop CEO, I’m happy to say that this has been one of the best experiences of my career. 

2022 was a big year for acquiring data orchestration hubs like 4Stop, as everyone realized the importance of orchestration to their business strategy. As we considered 4Stop’s future, we quickly identified Jumio as the right home for us, not just as the ideal technology partner but also because of the perfect match in leadership and culture. 4Stop was the strongest orchestration provider, and Jumio was the global leader in identity verification, so together we had a very powerful offering. Furthermore, Jumio had the scale and global reach we needed to achieve our vision of establishing market dominance. Joining forces with Jumio felt like connecting to the strongest rocket ship that was heading in the same direction we wanted to go — and whose crew included many talented people we were excited to work with. 

After an acquisition, you typically see the CEO of the acquired company stick around long enough to help with the transition and then move on to the next big thing. But the next big thing is at Jumio. Two years later, I’m excited to get up every morning as we execute on our global data strategy and work on spectacular projects that are changing the world. 

I also love the open culture at Jumio, where we transparently discuss difficult topics and work together to drive solutions. Unlike in most acquisitions, where doors are often closed to the acquired CEO and employees, we’ve found ourselves fully embedded in the company and have more opportunities than we had before. Of course, everything changes, and I miss my former colleagues who have moved on. But I’m proud to watch as the former 4Stop employees take off in their careers and are making significant contributions, both at Jumio and elsewhere. We’ve created a strong bond, and collectively we are doing amazing things. 

Today, we have a state-of-the-art global data platform and have brought advanced orchestration to Jumio’s customers, making a major impact on their ability to drive risk-based decisioning. We have forged partnerships with world-class providers and are continuing to expand our data source footprint. We overcame the global challenges of 2023 and have successfully delivered on all our major goals. And we are gaining momentum for the exciting technology advances we have planned for 2024 and beyond. As I reflect on these two years together, I am so proud of all we have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 


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