Workflows: The Cornerstone of Compliance

In a previous post, we introduced the advanced orchestration capabilities in the next-generation Jumio KYX Platform. Let’s take a closer look at workflows and how the KYX Platform makes it easy to implement the business logic you need for your specific use cases.

About Workflows

Workflows represent business processes that allow you to adhere to compliance regulations and evaluate the risk of every customer you do business with. Workflows are used to specify which checks to run when onboarding a new user, such as looking for fraud signals by checking their device, email, address, phone number, ID etc. as well as screening them to make sure they aren’t on watchlists.

Almost all businesses need intelligent workflows that are flexible enough to perform different checks depending on several factors, such as performing more stringent checks if the user is located in a country that is at high risk for money laundering. And workflows should be easy to change as your business needs evolve. For instance, a company might start out by just checking IDs and later decide to check address, phone and other signals as well.

No-Code Orchestration

The Jumio KYX Platform makes it easy to configure your workflows with powerful logic without writing a single line of code. Using the advanced orchestration tool, you can create a workflow in just a few minutes by dragging and dropping the elements you want and adding conditions to determine which checks to run under which circumstances and to trigger specific actions based on the data that’s input during onboarding. Leveraging our many years of experience with streamlining identity proofing, we created building blocks that you can easily use to create your workflows.

jumio kyx workflows for kyc and aml

Hundreds of Data Sources from One Integration Point

In addition to making it simple to create workflows, our KYX Platform offers a vast array of data sources. In January 2022, we completed the acquisition of 4Stop, which took the KYX Platform to the next level thanks to 4Stop’s integration with hundreds of data sources and highly configurable rules. This provides a huge advantage to our customers, who no longer have to research, test, implement, integrate and manage contracts for a dozen or more solutions. Jumio continually searches for the most advanced and powerful data sources to help fight fraud and financial crimes so you can access all of them from a single integration point.

Friendly to Developers and Business Users Alike

If you look below the surface, our workflow engine works with the same universal APIs that your developers use to submit data and receive results when they want to code the onboarding workflow directly into your apps. We also provide SDKs for Android and iOS to make the development process even simpler. By building the KYX Platform for both developers and business users such as risk analysts, and by supporting a wide variety of onboarding logic, we have ensured that our customers can get exactly what they need for their unique business cases.


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