The Next-generation KYX Platform is Here

The Future of Trust Orchestrated on the KYX Platform Jumio

In 2020, we announced the launch of the Jumio KYX Platform, an end-to-end compliance platform that allows our customers to ensure they’re fighting financial crime and meeting their regulatory obligations throughout the entire customer journey, from onboarding through ongoing monitoring. As part of this vision, Jumio is evolving what it means to know and trust your customers online.

Our new, intuitive, no-code orchestration layer makes it easy to configure all the checks you want to include in the customer journey. Just drag and drop the services you want to use in your workflow. Rather than sifting through multiple separate identity proofing and screening checks for a specific customer, you get a consolidated view of all checks that were performed for them, including:

  • Identity proofing and corroboration: address services, device intelligence, identity verification, government databases, eKYC identity databases, email verification, phone verification and biometric-based authentication
  • AML Solutions: screening for PEPs, global and regional sanctions, watchlists and adverse media, plus transaction monitoring and case management

orchestration engine

Best of all, we now calculate a risk score for each of your customers that goes beyond a simple yes/no decision and provides deeper insight into the potential risk they pose to your business. This gives you a 360-degree view of your customers throughout their entire journey, displayed in an integrated case management view inside the KYX Portal.

This evolution of the KYX platform also includes infrastructure changes that Jumio clients are going to love, such as OAuth 2.0 API security and a single API to access multiple checks from various third-party services. The result is a multi-layered risk platform that allows you to assess the risk of the individual, the devices associated with them, the IDs they furnish and their facial biometrics — all from one platform, through a single API layer.

The next-generation KYX Platform is currently in Early Access and available to select customers. We expect a wider rollout in Q1 of 2022. We look forward to sharing more with you as our platform story continues to evolve and breaks new ground in building the future of trust.

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