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Malaysian eKYC Compliance

Discover the digital identity verification and eKYC solution trusted by leading financial institutions worldwide.

BNM eKYC Guidelines

The Opportunity

How Jumio Helps Malaysian Financial Institutions Achieve eKYC Compliance

Achieve transparency and accountability

Jumio allows institutions to access and audit our eKYC processes and provides audit results and real-time reports of verification transactions for regulatory review.

Establish trusted digital identity

Jumio identity verification leverages AI, machine learning, face-based biometrics and certified liveness detection to quickly and accurately verify the digital identity of remote users. The end user just needs to capture a picture of their ID with a smartphone or webcam, followed by a selfie.

Achieve low FAR and FRR

For Jumio, FAR and FRR rates are being optimized through a combination of informed AI, biometrics, OCR and biometrics, leveraging our global experience to deliver industry-leading accuracy rates.

Provide periodic reviews and audits

Jumio conducts monthly audits of our verification transactions to ensure applications continue to perform as intended and provides standard reports of verification transactions to support audits.

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