Age & Identity Verification for Online Gambling

The number of children betting regularly in the UK has quadrupled to 450,000, according to a new study out by the UK Gambling Commission. Alarmingly, the amount of children ages 11-16 with a gambling problem has now climbed to 55,000, according to the report. In fact, more children said they had placed a bet in […]

No more maybes

Why ‘Maybes’ Don’t Cut it for Identity Verification

There are a number of convincing arguments that I could make about why you should outsource your identity verification (sometimes referred to as eKYC services), including: Focusing on your core competency. Whether you’re a bank, a telco, a healthcare organization or a sharing economy company, reliable identity verification is usually not part of your core […]

Been spoofed?

Online Gaming Loses Big to Spoofing

Deception shows its face in many forms within online gaming. Thanks to major data breaches and the rise of the dark web, personally identifiable information (PII) including names and email addresses is easy to acquire, which fraudsters can then leverage to trick gaming sites. According to the Q2 2018 ThreatMetrix Gaming and Gambling Cybercrime Report, […]


Cybersecurity Threats Facing Financial Services

Financial institutions are an obvious target for cybercrime. Unless they double down on strong internal security against a broad range of threat vectors, they will continue to be targeted and victimized by fraud rings and nation states. Unfortunately, their IT security is perceived to be deficient — especially within smaller banks and credit unions. Making […]

money20/20 takeaways

7 Big ‘Aha!’ Moments from this Year’s Money20/20 USA

This year’s Money20/20 USA featured representatives of 3,500 companies, from too-big-to-fail powerhouses like Wells Fargo to hundreds of startups. Featured speakers included Virgin founder Richard Branson and “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran as well as executives from Google, Amazon Pay, Morgan Stanley, Quicken Loans and Mastercard. The surge in show attendance underscores the massive growth […]

anti-spoofing id verification

Liveness Detection: Fighting Fraud With Anti-Spoofing AI

You won’t get five minutes into a conversation about facial recognition before someone invariably mentions the movie “Minority Report.” This action thriller, set in 2054, shows a future where police use connected psychics to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Tom Cruise plays the head of the PreCrime division until he himself […]

We're Pumped Money2020

10 Reasons We’re Pumped for Money20/20 USA

Aside from the obvious one (Las Vegas), there are so many reasons to get excited about Money20/20 USA. It’s a great opportunity to learn about innovative new financial products and services, connect with our customers (and meet some new ones!), rub elbows with industry leaders and hear some of fintech’s finest speak on everything from […]

compliance made simple

The Online Identity Verification Solution Cheat Sheet

Thanks to a steady stream of data breaches, the number of data privacy and data protection regulations is growing and becoming more stringent. Historically, the EU has taken the lead with regulations, as is evident by AML, KYC and GDPR, but the U.S. is starting to take notice—the California Consumer Privacy Act, when it goes […]

millennials and onboarding

5 Ways to Keep Millennials on the Hook During Account Onboarding

When was the last time you set foot in an actual bank branch? Traditional brick-and-mortar banking is becoming a thing of the past, with 40 percent of Americans not setting foot in a bank in the last six months. While all generations are increasingly adopting online banking, millennials are taking the lead in mobile banking […]


How Online Identity Verification Helps Build Trust and Safety

Trust and safety are highly valuable to businesses that need to protect both the reputation and the security of their ecosystems. Businesses need to be able to build quality relationships with complete strangers while also reducing the risk of fraud, criminal behavior and physical harm. Threats to trust and safety can take many forms depending […]