Jumio signs up over 20 customers for Netverify and Netswipe

Jumio announced today that over 20 new customers have signed on in the first half of Q4 to integrate Jumio’s Netswipe and Netverify products. These innovative startups and platforms in the US and Europe have joined many well-established businesses such as Travelocity and Western Union in using Jumio’s computer vision technology solutions.

Jumio’s web and mobile Netswipe is designed to increase conversion rates in mobile app checkout pages with imbedded credit card scanning and validation, eliminating the need for laborious and error-prone key entry and enabling increased revenue, less fraud and reduced chargeback costs. Netswipe is implemented using Jumio’s Mobile SDK, and integration into any mobile app takes less than 30 minutes. Netverify provides real-time ID verification to enable customers from over 60 countries to conveniently meet KYC and ID requirements for account registrations, large purchases, establishing online community trust and safety, or other business purposes.

New customers utilizing Jumio Netverify include…

  • BAM Software and Services, which develops and supports a full-featured software platform for pari-mutuel wagering and competitive games
  • Eborhood, offering a safer way to trade goods and services online
  • SkinPond, a cosmetic & plastic surgery coupon/raffle site
  • Travel Googan, a site that provides travelers with ultimate travel deals and discounts
  • Allied Financial Strategies, a financial planner and reseller of financial services; will also be utilizing Jumio Netswipe Mobile
  • Skimm, a mobile payment solution startup
  • Yobetit, the world’s first arbitrage bookmaker
  • Youwin, a global online gambling platform

New customers leveraging Jumio Netswipe include…

  • Gyft, a digital card platform that enables consumers to manage gift cards
  • GoPago, an integrated point of sale and mobile payment application that provides merchants a total business solution
  • FoodRun, online and mobile food ordering, offering a better way to order takeout
  • InstaArt Studio, which offers high-quality canvas printing services
  • Protean, a multi-purpose credit offering
  • HaulDealer, a social e-commerce website incorporating VIP access to the top fashion and beauty gurus of YouTube along with great fashion deals
  • Wallaby Financial Inc., a cloud-based smart wallet
  • WorkoutInbox, offering crossfit workout tracking and member management software
  • Drinksquare, an app to share, rate, buy and offer any kind of drinks – wherever you are
  • Ever Adventure, a social gambling platform
  • EntroPay (Ixaris), a global payment network
  • GB Premium Financial Services, a financial planner and reseller of services
  • Client testimonials

    “Real-time ID verification is key to enabling businesses to better know their customers, and Jumio’s Netverify is the most comprehensive solution we’ve come across,” said John Overett, CEO of Youwin. “We selected Jumio to offer a better validation experience to our users that in turn helps us drive higher customer conversions.”

    “We selected Jumio as a complement to our payment platform in order to provide the most well-rounded solution to our clients,” said Mark Anthony Spiteri, Product Manager of EntroPay. “Jumio offers the easiest, most secure scanning solution available today ensuring that the physical card is used for transactions.”

    “Real-time ID verification is a problem we have been trying to solve for a long time, and Jumio had the solution,” said Laurent Hazout, founder of Travel Googan. “What’s more, Jumio has been extremely easy and cost-effective to integrate into our service.”

    “Our goal is to offer the most convenient and safe credit card scanning and payment solution to our customers, and that’s why we selected Jumio,” said Vinny Lingham, co-founder and CEO of Gyft.com. “Jumio offers the easiest, most secure and most comprehensive solution, available today.”