Internet Pioneers Join Forces to Launch Online and Mobile Payment Service Jumio

Most promising payment start-up of 2011 gathers worlds leading Internet experts from Google, Amazon and NASA.

Mountain View, CA: Jumio, the payment solution dubbed as one of the “hottest start-ups of 2011″ and currently in the final stages of development today announced parts of its high profile advisory board today. The board reads like a who’s who of Internet pioneers. “We are extremely pleased that our ideas and technology attract such talent. It shows me that we are right on track with our approach to make online and mobile payments easier and more secure,” says Daniel Mattes, founder and CEP of Jumio Inc. Mattes invited – amongst others – Internet pioneers Zain Khan (former Google executive), Mark Britto (former Amazon executive) and Maarten Linthorst (former NASA partner):

Zain Khan, former Google executive known as the “Ops guy”, built Googles impressive infrastructure from the scratch in 1999. Zain, turned private investor, says about Jumio: “It’s mainly the technological brilliance and the complexity that lies in this payment solution that excites a tech-person like me. Add a proven team and the product is bound to be successful.”

Mark Britto, board member of Bill Me Later (acquired by eBay) and founder of (acquired by Amazon) was responsible for building the main payment infrastructure for Amazon, sees Jumio as the solution to one of the few remaining Internet problems: “The challenge of fully securing online payments has been an ongoing one. Jumio is perfectly prepared to solve the problem.”

Working with NASA back in 1969, Maarten Linthorst paved the way for the Internet as we know it, interconnecting the first two servers to become the ARPANET. He also developed the X25 protocol which is used for every credit card transaction worldwide. Linthorst believes that “Jumio will revolutionize the way we think about online payment – both from a technological and a social point of view.”

Bjorn Evers, former CEO of one of the largest online gambling groups worldwide, sees “Jumio as a definite game changer and the answer to online payment fraud.”

Jumio’s mission is to make payments simpler, faster, more convenient and – above all – more secure. “$191 billion is the annual costs caused by credit card fraud in the United States, and it’s time to act,” says Mattes. And “With our advisory board of brilliant minds, we are well-prepared.”

About Jumio

Jumio is an online and mobile payment solution, currently in the final stages of development. Jumio Inc. is headquartered in Mountain View, California, while the development center is situated in Austria. The company was founded in 2010 by Daniel Mattes and employs around 35 people, with plans for immediate expansion. Funding news and launch date to be announced shortly.

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