Jumio’s computer vision technology verifies customer identity to help create trust and safety in the sharing economy

Jumio is at the forefront of helping instill trust and safety in the rapidly-growing sharing economy. We work with a variety of leading collaborative consumption businesses to create seamless mobile and desktop experiences that guide your buyers and sellers through the ID credentials verification process.

Jumio’s approach is different – it has been specifically developed to meet the challenge of how to verify identity in a connected-device environment. We utilize computer vision technology to validate, extract and auto-populate customer data from ID documents. This is an important aspect of delivering an easy and accelerated customer provisioning process. Our ID document authentication capability means that the companies operating sharing economy platforms know who their customers are. This is a major contributor to running a trusted and safe business platform.

Here’s how we are working with clients such as Airbnb, Foap, SideCar, Kickstarter and Tutorfair to ensure that your customers have a positive experience when accessing services offered through your sharing economy platform:

Create Community Trust and Safety: Attracting more participants to the collaborative consumption economy requires that new participants feel comfortable sharing their homes, cars, assets or expertise. Jumio’s unique ID document authentication technology is used by leading sharing economy businesses to instill trust and safety in their platforms. Learn more…
Minimize booking abandonment rates: The travel industry has the highest online transaction abandonment rate of any industry. Jumio is working with leading brands to create fast and effortless checkout experiences that minimize the likelihood that shoppers will abandon a mobile transaction before the transaction is completed. Learn more…
Prevent card fraud: Criminals targeting online businesses to commit card fraud rely on the anonymity of the internet to perpetrate their crimes. Jumio helps online businesses of all types detect and deter cyber-criminals from using non-authentic identification credentials, and ensures that transacting customers have their actual payment card in-hand.

Learn more about Jumio solutions:

“We’ve enabled Jumio’s real-time instant verification solution, Netverify to enhance our trust & safety efforts. It was easy to implement and the latest platform offers a fresh clean design and an intuitive user interface.”


“Jumio’s Netverify saves us time and money, eliminates manual document sharing, and creates a user experience that our customers love.”


Here’s how Jumio supports leading sharing economy business Airbnb

Here’s how Jumio supports leading sharing economy business Airbnb

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