Create Trust and Safety in the Sharing Economy

Jumio’s computer vision technology verifies customer identity to help create trust and safety in the sharing economy.

  • Create community trust and safety
  • Minimize abandonment rates
  • Deter fraud

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Solutions Across the Sharing Economy


Protect riders and drivers by ensuring the person behind the wheel is whom they say they are.

Apartment/Home Sharing

Build trust through verified ID programs for homeowners and guests.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Reduce fraud and safeguard financial information with identity verification and account security that goes beyond KBA.


Build a more credible, trustworthy reselling environment by establishing trusted identity among buyers and sellers.


Prevent fraud and account takeover in order to safeguard the customer experience and reduce friction associated with account opening.


Build workplace safety and security with identity verification for co-working environments.

Credit Card Processing

Eliminate credit card fraud. Verify customers' identity documents and ensure the person holding the card is who they say they are.

How Jumio Benefits the Sharing Economy

Create Community Trust and Safety

Attracting more participants to the collaborative consumption economy requires that new participants feel comfortable sharing their homes, cars, assets or expertise. Jumio’s unique ID document authentication technology is used by leading sharing economy businesses to instill trust and safety in their platforms.

Minimize Abandonment Rates

Jumio is working with leading brands to create fast and effortless checkout experiences that minimize the likelihood that users will abandon a mobile transaction before the transaction is completed.

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Deter Fraud

Criminals targeting online businesses to commit card fraud rely on the anonymity of the internet to perpetrate their crimes. Jumio helps online businesses of all types detect and deter cyber-criminals from using non-authentic identification credentials, and ensures that transacting customers have their actual payment card in-hand.

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“We had what we thought was a crazy idea to automate the identity verification process and Jumio brought the idea to life.”

Nick Mourgue, Product Manager, WeWork
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Recommended Solutions

Jumio ID Verification

Determine if an ID is authentic and belongs to the user.

  • jumio Error-proof image capture
  • jumio Simple user experience
  • jumio Catch fake IDs

Jumio Identity Verification

Ensure that the person behind a transaction is who they say they are.

  • jumio Compare government-issued ID to selfie
  • jumio Certified liveness detection
  • jumio Definitive yes/no decision in seconds

Jumio Authentication

Replace outdated KBA with the simplicity and security of a selfie.

  • jumio Verify enrolled users
  • jumio Unlock access to passwords, accounts and other enrolled services
  • jumio Fast, secure and reliable

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