Your Privacy Choices

Certain privacy laws provide individuals with Data Subject Rights (“DSRs”) such as access to, deletion of, right to correct, restrict processing of, or opt out of the sale/share of their Personal Information.

To submit a DSR request in relation to Personal Information processed by Jumio, send an email to [email protected]. Jumio will use the data you provide for the purpose of processing your request.

Jumio’s DSR Team will follow up with you within the time required by applicable law after you submit the request. Due to the sensitive nature of the data Jumio collects as well as how data is collected, we may need to verify your identity to complete certain types of requests.

Jumio Service Users

If you are a Jumio Service User (i.e., you verified your identity or document through the use of a Jumio service), please note, Jumio acts as a “Controller”/”Business” or a “Processor”/”Service Provider” for customers whose services have resulted in Jumio processing your personal information. The role Jumio acts in may vary by customer agreement.

  • Where Jumio acts as a Controller/Business for your Personal Information, we will request additional information to verify your identity to the extent necessary to action your request. In this event, you will receive a follow-up email with the necessary next steps.
  • Where Jumio acts as a Processor/Service Provider, you will need to reach out directly to the business with which you have a direct relationship to exercise an applicable right. If Jumio receives a request where Jumio is acting as a Processor/Service Provider, Jumio will notify its relevant customer so that the customer may fulfill the request and let you know of the actions taken.

Authorized Agents

A DSR request may be submitted to Jumio by an “Authorized Agent” (another person or organization acting on your behalf) with the permission of the individual whose Personal Information Jumio processes. To allow an Authorized Agent to make a DSR request for you, you must submit a signed authorization or contact Jumio directly to confirm that you have authorized a specific agent to make a request. In addition, you must still verify your identity directly with Jumio. An Authorized Agent can submit a DSR request for you by sending an email to [email protected].

Requests Using Third-Party Services

Jumio takes the security of our systems and data seriously. If you attempt to submit a DSR request using a third-party service that requires Jumio to click on a third-party link or attachment or respond via a third-party portal, we will not be able to respond because we cannot verify the security of the third-party service. If you have provided additional contact information with your request, we will respond to let you know that we cannot process your attempted request for this reason and you can choose to resubmit through another channel. To learn more about the steps we are taking to protect security, please see our Security page.