Chapter: 11

The Future of the iGaming Industry

The iGaming sector is set undergoing significant changes this year. Fast withdrawal casinos, VR and AR integration, and the acceptance of cryptocurrency are some trends shaping the industry. Online gambling platforms will face several challenges, notably in the areas related to age verification, fraud protection, location checks, and the danger of sophisticated fake IDs.

The industry can overcome these challenges by prioritizing development and implementation of robust identity verification systems.

Businesses will also face a more complex regulatory environment as government involvement in identity standards grows. Adoption of digital IDs, and use of ID scanning technologies, will be crucial in meeting these requirements.

The iGaming industry faces both challenges and opportunities in 2024. In an increasingly digital and interconnected world, iGaming companies will thrive by embracing technology advancements, prioritizing trust and security, and staying on top of emerging threats.

Essential Guide to Online Identity Verification for the Gaming Industry

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