Chapter: 12


We can expect to see some rapid changes this year as the iGaming industry evolves. AI will play a crucial role as it continues to evolve from novelty to utility, and very soon it will be the de facto norm — powering, informing and facilitating an entire new era of iGaming that is safer, more accessible and more profitable than ever.

The regulatory trends track behind technology — that’s the normal way legislation works — but in this instance, we have seen many governing bodies take proactive measures to help seed the success of the iGaming industry in their jurisdictions. Across the entire continent of Africa and in most of North America and Latin America, the growth prospectus is fantastic as new markets open and demographics of growth abound. Less optimistic is the outlook for markets like China and Europe where legalities remain restrictive and the overall economic outlook may curb growth due to outside factors.

By leveraging advanced technology like Jumio, iGaming companies around the world can help safeguard their platforms and their players, meet compliance requirements, protect their reputations, and meet the challenges of this rapidly growing and changing market in 2024 and beyond.

Essential Guide to Online Identity Verification for the Gaming Industry

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