Today, we released the second half of data from a study con­ducted by research leader, Harris Inter­ac­tive, that looks at con­sumer behavior on mobile. This set of data looks specif­i­cally at the issue of mobile shop­ping cart aban­don­ment, and there were some inter­esting insights uncovered.

The research found that while con­sumers are clearly inter­ested in making pur­chases with their smart­phones (68% have attempted a pur­chase in the past), they are encoun­tering road­blocks during check out, with two-thirds (66%) failing to com­plete a trans­ac­tion because of obsta­cles at the point of pur­chase. The biggest issues?

  • 47% of respon­dents failed to com­plete a mobile pur­chase because checkout took too long
  • 41% reported that it was too dif­fi­cult to enter credit card infor­ma­tion quickly or easily
  • One in four respon­dents said they failed to com­plete their pur­chase because it would not go through on mobile

In addi­tion, there are dif­fer­ences along gender and age lines around con­sumers’ com­fort level entering secure credit card infor­ma­tion on mobile devices.

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Our take? We know that con­sumers will con­tinue to demand an easy, stream­lined mobile pay­ment process, and that frus­tra­tions around mobile trans­ac­tions are causing con­sumers to bail at check out.  Brands can’t afford to invest so much only to lose users at the finish line but until they address con­cerns around the safety of credit card infor­ma­tion and the speed of the checkout process, they’ll con­tinue to see a large por­tion of their cus­tomers aban­doning their shop­ping carts.

→ Check out the press release with the full find­ings here…