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Industry News: Mobile Wallet To Allow Funds Transfers Over Social Networks

Provider of payment solutions, Oxygen, has now announced the launch of its mobile wallet service, called the Oxygen Wallet, which provides users the ability to transfer money and buy gifts for family and friends with whom they are connected over social networks. Mobile Commerce Press  –  Mobile Wallet To Allow Funds Transfers Over Social Networks



Social Media, Social Caution

Social media is now an important part of everyday life. It connects us to new and old friends, job prospects, products and services. But like any new technology it also provides a way new way for criminals to steal your ID and money. Here’s Jumio’s top tips to keep yourself safe when using social media: Consider what Click to continue →


Industry News: China to curb counterfeiting on e-commerce sites

Chinese authorities have vowed to crack down counterfeit goods sold online in the second half of this year, after the country’s major online retailers were found to be selling fake luxury products and consumer goods, a senior official said Monday. ECNS  –  China to curb counterfeiting on e-commerce sites


Industry News: UK retailers face m-commerce ID checking challenge

A survey has found that the UK’s e-commerce retailers are more ready to handle mobile transactions than counterparts in five other of Europe’s biggest consumer markets But German-based online price comparison service Idealo warns that, despite this lead, a major challenge lies ahead for all businesses looking to extend their business into the m-commerce sector. Parcel2Go  –  UK Click to continue →


Industry News: Automating Merchant Onboarding: Solving Old Problems or Creating New Ones?

What do merchants, salespeople, fraudsters, and regulators have in common? They each play a part in pressuring merchant acquirers and ISOs to automate the underwriting process. Merchants want to mimic the fast adjudication timeframes of software companies, salespeople are pushing for cheaper product activation models, fraudsters are more sophisticated at using technology to deceive, and regulators Click to continue →



Time to take mobile security seriously

With mobile technology continuing to play an increasingly important role in people’s lives, security cannot be ignored. With more merchants offering a mcommerce service, financial information will be trafficked through the digital space more frequently. Unfortunately, many devices and mcommerce sites simply do not have adequate security measures in place to protect everyone’s financial information. The Click to continue →