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Banks may still have the advantage, but they need to move fast

Banks have long enjoyed an unrivalled position of dominance in the payments world, but the advent of mobile payments is beginning to change all that. There is a steady rise of digital brands as credible providers of mobile payments, aggressively launching new mobile shopping and payments capabilities aimed at meeting the needs of today’s increasingly mobile consumer. Click to continue →


Industry News: Mobile Commerce Is Exploding In Australia

InMobi has released a new report concerning mobile commerce activity in Australia. The report shows that many people are growing accustomed to the idea of paying for goods and services using their mobile devices. Mobile Commerce Press  –  Mobile Commerce Is Exploding In Australia


Industry News: Bitcoin could be considered legal tender, Australian tax official says

The Australian tax commissioner has left open the possibility that the digital payment system bitcoin could be considered legal tender in Australia. Bitcoin has been described as a type of “virtual currency” where users can pay for goods and services, and can even create their own bitcoins to generate more currency. Guardian  –  Bitcoin could be considered legal Click to continue →



Industry News: Sneakernomics: What Physical Stores Can Learn From Ecommerce

I’ve already covered the big changes the internet has brought and will bring to physical retailers and to sneaker retail in particular. We’ve learned so much about retailing on the Web. But there are ecommerce lessons we can understand and apply to physical stores as well. Forbes  –  Sneakernomics: What Physical Stores Can Learn From Ecommerce


Industry News: Understanding and serving shoppers on smartphones

Most purchases happen in one of two ways: emotional or rational. The smartphone, by virtue of being the most pervasive web-connected device, plays a key role in impulsive, emotional purchase decisions. But at the same time, the smartphone often is the preferred tool for product research prior to making a considered and rational purchase. Internet Retailer  –  Understanding and Click to continue →


Industry News: Biometric authentication moves beyond science fiction

Biometric identification methods involve analyzing physiological and/or behavioral characteristics of the body, both classes of which would be presumably unique to an individual, and thus more reliable than traditional methods of verifying identity. These characteristics are then compared to information contained in a database linked to that person’s identity. Security Info Watch  –  Biometric authentication moves beyond science Click to continue →