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Industry News: Mobile Payments And Security Concerns: Stay Ahead Of The Trend Or Wait It Out?

As a merchant, you always want to offer your customers the most convenient and cutting-edge ways to pay. At the same time, there’s nothing more important than protecting their sensitive payment information from criminals. So it’s no surprise that headlines like “Apple Pay competitor CurrentC says customer email addresses were hacked” and “ Apple Pay Fraud Click to continue →


Industry News: New Secure Online Check-Out Tech Goes For Less Friction, More Biometrics

BioCatch, Zumigo, and Alibaba release tools to help merchants avoid those pesky charge-back costs. While point-of-sale systems at brick-and-mortar stores continue to be a rich feeding ground for data-hungry hackers, some merchants are at least beginning to take the security of their online shops seriously. The altruistic goal of protecting customers might not provide enough inspiration, Click to continue →


Industry News: Fraud aimed at over 55s soaring

A major piece of research has revealed a horrifying rise in fraud in the UK over the past year – with 758 frauds every day – or 31 every hour. The experts warned that we are now seeing fraud on an industrial scale, and that the number of over 55s being targeted by fraudsters has shot up in the past Click to continue →


Industry News: 2015 - The Year of mCrime

Millions of consumers no longer visit a bank to deposit checks or conduct financial transactions. Instead they rely on the convenience of using their mobile devices to send money, view account balances and bank online. The same is true for how they spend their money – the shift from brick and mortar to e-commerce to m-commerce is already Click to continue →


Industry News: ID theft emerges as crime of the century

FTC receives 1,000 complaints daily, as draft bill emerges. Speaking on the release of the Federal Trade Commission’s 2014 report regarding consumer complaints, Commissioner Terrell McSweeny stressed that identity theft continues to be of most concern. “Today’s report highlights something I think we have all known for a long time — identity theft is the crime of the 21st Click to continue →