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Industry News: The Most Important M’s In M-Commerce

A few customer groups are driving a disproportionate share of growth in smartphone use and mobile transactions. For entrepreneurs looking to build the next billion dollar m-commerce company, it pays to understand who these groups are, what their mobile activity looks like, and how to best serve them. When it comes to finding customers in mobile Click to continue →



Industry News: PayPal Plays with Fire as Amazon Expands Payments

Bay demonstrated yet again it can’t ignore a mobile device simply because it’s from a rival. Amazon’s new smartphone, called the Fire, just became available to consumers, and PayPal is ready with a mobile app. The move follow’s eBay’s launch of its mobile app for the Fire. EcommerceBytes  –  PayPal Plays with Fire as Amazon Expands Payments


Industry News: Card Not Present Fraud's at a Tipping Point

More consumers are skipping the mall and buying online instead. Many traditional retailers have already moved online to maximize their sales among customers who either don’t have access to their physical shops due to distance, or for whom shopping online is simply more convenient. Payments Source  –  Card Not Present Fraud’s at a Tipping Point

Industry News: Why we should put a mobile wallet in every pocket

The mobile wallet is having a transformative effect on people’s lives in developing countries, bringing safer, faster, easier financial services to the people who need it most. Banking Technology  –  Why we should put a mobile wallet in every pocket

5 things every fraudster wants you to do

Allowing fraudsters access to information about you could result in hacked emails or worse; empty bank account balances and maxed-out credit cards. Identity theft is unfortunately becoming an increasingly common part of everyday life  –  here’s 5 tips from Jumio on how you can avoid being a fraudster’s victim. 1. Don’t Ignore Your Bank Account & Your Credit Scores Checking your Click to continue →

Vive la Bitcoin! Vive la Transparency!

The French government has moved to limit the anonymity of French Bitcoin users. The new regulations, set out by the country’s finance ministry in response to a report by its Tracfin money laundering unit, will come into effect at the end of the year. Bitcoin is a way of making transactions that bypass the banking sector, and according Click to continue →


Industry News: The $10bn app you’ve never heard of

A Japanese messaging app called Line has filed for an initial public offering (IPO) valued at nearly US$10bn. Last year, Line was the world’s highest grossing mobile app aside from games such as Candy Crush and Angry Birds. Considering its revenue comes almost entirely from Japan, this is an impressive achievement. So, what does Line Click to continue →