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Industry News: What Real-World Problems Can Bitcoin Actually Solve Right Now?

Though it is increasingly acknowledged by major business, investors and governments that bitcoin has the power to enable potentially world-changing financial innovations, fundamental issues are still holding back adoption. One of the most prominent, around the world, is the lack of consumer understanding of the subject. For all its development, it remains difficult to explain Click to continue →



Industry News: Is It Time to Invest in Bitcoin?

For some investors  —  those with stomachs for volatility  —  it may be time for a closer look at cryptocurrencies. By now, most investors have heard of bitcoin, following its phenomenal growth last year. Bitcoin, an electronic currency made by computers creating series of unique numbers through complex math problems, is sold on unregulated exchanges and accepted by a growing number Click to continue →


Industry News: Online, a bazaar bursting with stolen credit card information

What happens to stolen credit card numbers after high-profile breaches like Home Depot and Target? We investigate the underground market.The latest Target for retail cyber robbers? Home Depot. (At least, that we know of.) The home improvement retailer recently acknowledged a five-month data breach at its payment terminals that may have compromised 56 million payment cards. Click to continue →



Industry News: Mobile Payments: Concerns Amid the Hype

While mobile payments may offer new and convenient payment options for consumers, there is one important issue that is often ignored in all the hype: What happens if something goes wrong with the transaction? What if the consumer never authorized the purchase, or was charged the wrong amount? New York Times  –  Mobile Payments: Concerns Amid the Hype


Industry News: Mobile Payment Brands Go On Offensive in Fear of Apple Pay Domination

With the first reviews of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus making their rounds, the discussions around what many have deemed the most lack-luster announcement  —  Apple Pay  —  are only getting louder. While PayPal, Amazon and Google are all making hay of Apple’s payment platform, other mobile wallet brands aren’t sitting on their hands. Softcard, formerly known asIsis and Click to continue →


Industry News: Australia's First Bitcoin EFTPOS Card Will Allow You To Buy Your Groceries

An Australian company is trialling a bitcoin EFTPOS card, allowing customers to spend the digital currency in retail stores. CoinJar, a Melbourne-based bitcoin platform, is taking the next step to make bitcoin more accessible to the public with the release of Swipe cards. CoinJar Swipe cards are initially being tested on 100 bitcoin users of all levers, from Click to continue →