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Industry News: Mobile Commerce vs. Desktop: 7 Differences

Ecommerce is growing every year. But mobile ecommerce  —  purchases from smartphones and tablets  —  is growing even faster. One of the key points merchants must understand when building mobile commerce sites is that shopping habits of mobile shoppers are different from shoppers using laptops or desktops. Practical E-Commerce  –  Mobile Commerce vs. Desktop: 7 Differences


Industry News: Grocery shoppers open to using wearable tech

UK shoppers would consider using wearable technology such as smart glasses and smart watches to purchase food and grocery products, according to a new study released this week. Research group IGD’s monthly ShopperVista analysis found that 43% of shoppers could envisage using such devices when buying from supermarkets  –  with 45% of respondents saying they think it would Click to continue →