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Industry News: Online scam warning ahead of Black Friday

Individuals and businesses reported losing almost £16.5m through online shopping and auction fraud last Christmas, according to figures released by Action Fraud this week. This represents a 42% increase in total financial losses compared with the 2013 festive period. Which? – Online scam warning ahead of Black Friday

Industry News: Mobile payments will “leave growing pains” in 2016

Get ready for the “third age of digital payments” coming next year, according to payments processor Worldpay. In its Global Payments Report released today, the company predicts that the technology will really hit mass appeal in 2016, as major banks and brands begin rolling out their own mobile payments apps. Worldpay: Mobile payments will “leave … Click to continue…

Industry News: Japan introduces face recognition technology and platform screen doors for public safety

To ensure safety of people in crowded places, face recognition technology helps to record every visitor. Universal Studios, the theme park in Japan, provides attractive performance based on HollyWood movie and opportunity to meet famous characters.It attracts more than 12 million visitors annually; many of them are frequent guests. – Japan introduces face recognition … Click to continue…

Industry News: Can better facial recognition technology prevent the next ISIL attack?

On the evening of Friday, November 13th, the city of Paris and its suburb Saint-Denis were targeted in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of at least 129 people and injured another 352 people as of this writing. IP Watchdog – Can better facial recognition technology prevent the next ISIL attack?

Industry News: Income tax identity theft baffles IRS

Income tax identity theft is a huge problem that is only getting worse. According to a 2015 report of the General Accountability Office (GAO), the IRS paid out 5.8 billion dollars in bogus refunds to identity thieves for the tax year 2013 and according to the GAO, the real figure is quite probably higher because … Click to continue…