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Are you keeping pace with today’s mobile shoppers?

According to IBM, as many as 16.6% of online sales transactions during Q4 of 2013 were made on a mobile device. In addition, online holiday purchases accounted for $95.7 billion of the $601.8 billion total spent, reported the National Retail Federation (NRF). Watch our new, pre-recorded webinar, Taking Mobile Commerce to the Next Level and … Click to continue…

2013 EIG  –  Euro­pean iGaming Congress

Jumio’s European Marketing Director, David Pope and convicted card fraudster, Tony Sales,are interviewed by EIG TV at the European I-Gaming conference in Barcelona. Watch David talk about Face Match, Jumios latest service to help online businesses transact with their customers.

The Fraudsters Tricks

Watch Jumio uncover the secrets of how card fraudsters attack online gaming operators….here’s a workshop that Jumio delivered at EIG in October where they interviewed convicted fraudster, Tony Sales, to uncover how he targeted gaming operators, how he stole player identities, maxed out players’ payment cards, and targeted different operators & platforms.

Jumio CMO discusses device-based mobile wallets

In this video, recorded during the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, Marc Barach, CMO at Jumio, discusses the disheveled state of mobile wallets and why we believe that our new Port solution, a device-based mobile wallet, is preferable to app-based wallets. Mobile Payments Today – Jumio CMO discusses device-based mobile wallets

Robert Scoble Interview with Marc Barach, Jumio CMO

Robert Scoble discusses with Marc Barach, Jumio’s CMO, ID Scanning, Validation Products for Mobile & WebTransactions. Given the fact that future devices, e.g. Google Glass, will likely work without keyboards, how do you enter credit card information? Jumio offers a solution for that. Marc explains the possibilities of Jumio’s products Netswipe and Netverify and how … Click to continue…

Robert Scoble Interview with Marc Barach, Jumio CMO

Interview with Jumio CMO, Marc Barach

Here is an Interview with Marc Barach, Jumio’s CMO, at the PayExpo 2013 at the Excel Arena in London, conducted by Learn more about our offerings for you and your products. “At Jumio we are solving a very vexing problem that gets to the core of doing business remotely on mobile is all about: … Click to continue…

Citi Chief Innovation Officer about Jumio on Bloomberg TV

Deborah Hopkins, chairman of venture capital initiatives and chief innovation officer at Citigroup Inc., talks about Jumio on todays interview with Corey Johnson from Bloomberg. See the interview here Here are some extracts “One of the companies we have invested in is Jumio (…) they have an incredible new breakthrough way of thinking about security.” … Click to continue…

Citi Chief Innovation Officer about Jumio on Bloomberg TV