Identity Verification and AML/KYC Compliance Solutions
for Financial Services

Jumio’s unique combination of computer vision, AI and machine learning solutions help financial services firms verify customer identity while improving remote account opening completion rates.

  • Increase account opening conversions
  • Help prevent identity fraud
  • Ensure AML and KYC requirements for identity verification
  • Impress customers with a frictionless experience

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Solutions Across the Financial Services Ecosystem

Money transfers

Provide a more secure digital platform for seamless financial transactions while meeting KYC/AML requirements.


Verify user IDs and validate identity prior to approving increased buy/sell limits.

Online banking

Remove friction from account opening process and reduce costs associated with manual ID validation.

Credit card processing

Ensure the person holding the card is who they say they are.


Prevent fraud and account takeover in order to safeguard the customer experience and reduce friction associated with account opening.

Mortgage applications

Remove friction from the mortgage application process by authenticating documents online and meeting your KYC requirements.

Online investing

Prevent fraud and account takeover in order to safeguard the customer experience and reduce friction associated with account opening.

AML/KYC compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance including KYC and AML in real-time as if your customer is standing in front of you.

How Jumio Benefits Financial Services

Increase account opening conversions

Financial services firms wishing to improve account origination through digital channels are turning to Jumio to decrease drop-off rates by up to 40%.

  • Extract and auto populate customer data from government issued ID documents into registration forms.
  • Instantly populate data into the account opening fields to make it easier and faster to complete applications.
  • Let Jumio verify the validity of ID documents in near real-time to avoid breaking the momentum of the signup process.

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Prevent originations fraud and account takeover

Jumio enables real-time ID and identity verification to enhance your security profile and verify a user is who they say they are.

  • Customers use computer or mobile device camera to scan ID documents and provide a selfie.
  • Jumio’s Netverify establishes a match between the face in the ID document and the face captured on the device camera.
  • Financial services brands are empowered to open accounts and process transactions as if their customers are standing right in front of them.

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Impress customers with a frictionless experience

Up to 75% of online applications are never completed because of inconvenience to the customer. Jumio helps remove the friction while providing a more secure and satisfying transaction.

  • Streamline the verification process.
  • Give customers a hassle-free experience.
  • Instill greater confidence in the security of the transaction.

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Ensure AML and KYC Requirements

Jumio’s Netverify® product includes biometric facial recognition to deliver a robust, three-pronged approach to the Know Your Customers (KYC) process on mobile devices.

  1. Confirm the validity of customer identification documents
  2. Perform Face Match and complete a liveness check, which takes no more than five seconds, to monitor for even the slightest facial movement.
  3. Confirm the actual customer is completing the transaction real-time and in the flesh.

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"Our objective has always been to strengthen our abilities to mitigate these risks, secure the money and protect the identities of customers. We are glad to associate with Jumio for their Netverify® solution as it will facilitate digital identification and face recognition for our online portals. These solutions are at present being customised and integrated with our own technology architecture.

Rajesh GK, Chief Product Officer, UAE Exchange
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