Creating a Winning Online Gaming Experience with KYC Identity Verification


In a 24/7/365 world of digital access to anything, any time, the on-demand experience is engrained in all aspects of modern life, whether at work or play. This need for excitement and instant gratification also applies the global online gaming and gambling market, which is rapidly growing and expected to generate revenues of more than $74 billion by 2023.

Offering a great customer experience is essential to keep your online gaming customers interested, and that experience begins with how a player creates a new gaming account, and continues whenever they interact with the gaming site. For players, anything getting in the way of play can be an annoyance, which is why establishing an account needs to be convenient, intuitive, fast and easy. And yet players want (and need) to feel safe, too, so gaming operators need to provide an onboarding experience that properly vets each potential player but in a way that doesn’t turn them off with a cumbersome process — players have a lot of choices and can easily take their business elsewhere.

How can online gaming operators create a great gaming experience while also fighting fraud and meeting compliance mandates?

This is where online identity verification comes into play. The right solution can be a real game changer, covering the bases to meet all compliance requirements and streamline an easy and convenient experience. This delights players and can also save man hours and a considerable number of dollars.

The right solution allows you to reduce processing time and operational overhead, resulting in a number of wins:

  • Verify age with an ID document scan that can detect if it’s legitimately government issued.
  • Read and extract data and auto-fill data fields, saving hundreds of keystroke on a tiny device. With less keystrokes, customer energy is preserved for playing rather than expended on frustrating account setup.
  • Deliver a definitive “yes” or “no” decision that provides a better user experience and reduces the cost of time-consuming manual reviews.
  • Liveness detection helps combat one of online gaming’s biggest threats — liveness spoofing — and can tell when a live person is physically present when an online account is being created.

We’ve created a new guide, Online Gaming: How to Fight Fraud and Meet KYC Requirements While Giving Your Players a Winning Experience, to help you understand the key components of an identity verification process that allows you to reduce or eliminate manual verifications, speed onboarding, fight fraud, and meet your KYC requirements.

With this guide you’ll earn how to:

  • Efficiently and reliably perform KYC verifications for online gaming players
  • Increase conversions and reduce abandonment and churn
  • Protect your gaming ecosystem against identity fraud and account takeover

Want to learn more about how Jumio can help you create a winning experience with real-time ID scanning and identity verification? Download our new guide.


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