New Report: Regulatory Trends in Online Gambling for 2024

Online Gambling in 2024 - Regulatory Trends

The iGaming market is hotter than ever as more and more players discover the fun and convenience of gambling online. Many governments around the world are legalizing online sports betting and casino games in an effort to reduce illegal gambling and put better consumer protections in place. But regulations vary widely from country to country — and even state to state — leaving gaming operators and players with a patchwork of laws to understand and comply with.

To shed light on the iGaming market and regulations around the world, Jumio has published a new report, Online Gambling Regulations and Trends in 2024. This comprehensive report covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Market snapshot and segmentation
  • Overview of online gaming regulations
  • Industry-wide regulations and trends
  • Regulations in key markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania
  • Fraud trends — and fraud prevention trends — in iGaming
  • ID verification trends
  • The impact of decentralization, including crypto, blockchain, virtual assets and peer-to-peer gaming
  • The future of the iGaming industry

Jumio is the leading provider of identity verification solutions for gaming operators around the world, including 9 of the 10 largest operators in Europe and many U.S. sportsbooks.

To find out how Jumio can help you onboard players faster, protect your business from fraud and promote responsible gaming by keeping underage players off your platform, contact us today.


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