Better Together

Together, Jumio and Mambu can help transform your business with a trusted and accurate solution to streamline your online identity verification process.

Streamline Identity Verification

Jumio + Mambu enables banks and financial institutions to deliver excellent customer experiences with a fully integrated and personalized platform banking solution. Lower costs per user (compared to traditional banks) by 70% and boost productivity with 80% reduction in time to launch new products with Mambu’s SaaS engine.

The Jumio + Mambu solution offers a flexible plug and play product that allows for risk and hassle-free account origination but possesses a strong and stable foundation for a phased approach to tailor and add on other products seamlessly based on the bank’s need.

How it Works

Fully automated checks to expedite end-user onboarding, or automated with included manual checks to provide the highest level of assurance.

id verification check

1. ID Verification Check

2. Similarity Check

screenshot of biometric lines over selfie photo

3. Liveness Check

screenshot of thank you screen from customer onboarding

4. Decision

Key Advantages

Accurate Onboarding

Onboard your customers with a real-time, trusted and 99.95% accurate market solution.

Extensive Global Coverage

Provide extensive global coverage with verification of 5,000 ID documents in more than 200 countries & territories.

Fast Time to Market

80% reduction in time to market and 70% reduction in operating costs.

Reduce risk, cost and complexity

More ID Types

Supports passports, drivers licenses and ID cards, including older versions.

Integration Channels

APIs, SDKs, iOS, Android & Webcams

Highest Accuracy

99.95% valid customers approved & 95.0% invalid customers rejected (based on audited results)

Global Coverage

Supports over 5,000 ID documents in more than 200 countries & territories

Industry Compliance

PCI, KYC, AML, PSD2, and GDPR compliance coupled with strong encryption

Applied Technologies

AI, ML plus human last mile / verification experts

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