[Infographic] How Millennials Really Feel About Mobile Banking

There is no bigger demographic right now than the ‘mighty Millennials.’ Yes, they have surpassed the baby boomers in sheer numbers and will likely surpass them in buying power if they haven’t already. They are digital natives and expect their smartphone to be a fully operational personal bank.

The unique characteristics of this demographic demand that banks stay ahead of the mobile banking game. But what does that really mean? Our latest infographic reveals feedback from more than 700 millennials from around the globe on the subject of mobile banking and shows you why a better mobile experience is critical to your success.

Summarizing our recent mobile banking survey, this infographic reveals 4 key takeaways for financial institutions striving to succeed with millennials:

  1. Millennials are changing the game in banking and financial services
  2. Mobile is a powerful tool to win them over
  3. Security will remain a salient concern for all stakeholders
  4. Banks must act now

Check out the full infographic here:


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