• How does this process work?

    You will be asked to scan a valid ID (passport, driver license, standard ID) using your webcam. Please note that the driver’s license and standard ID need to be plastic cards to be recognized. This is a new method designed to reduce fraud, it is easy to use and – most importantly – fulfills all security standards.

  • Who is behind this verifying mechanism?

    The company behind this ID verification is called Jumio. Jumio specializes in card recognition and has developed a secure mechanism to accept credit card payments and verify IDs online. Jumio is fulfilling all security requirements and holds a patent pending on this process.

  • Why was I asked to provide an ID?

    This is a measurement to prevent fraud, specifically ID fraud.

  • How long does it take to verify my ID?

    This process can take between 5 seconds and 45 seconds depending upon lighting, camera resolution and ID Type.

  • Do I need a webcam?

    Not necessarily. If you have no working webcam connected, you can upload an image file of your ID instead.

  • Do I have to activate the webcam?

    Yes, please click ‘Allow’. Your webcam will be turned off automatically upon completion of the verification process.

  • Can I verify an ID if I do not have a webcam?

    Yes, simply upload an image of your ID. Click ‘Start ID Verification’, then select ‘Upload a file of your ID’.

  • Which IDs are supported?

    Please provide either your passport, driver license or a standard government issued ID. Driver license and standard ID need to be made out of plastic to be recognized. Check the selection on your left.

  • Who can all see my ID?

    Only the company or institution that asked you to provide a valid ID.

  • What happens to my ID data?

    None of the information you submit will be shared. Your details will be automatically checked and – if verified – only the company requesting the verification will receive the result of the check, but no information will be stored or kept.

  • What happens after I have scanned my ID?

    The ID will be automatically verified and the information will be forwarded to the company or institution that asked for an ID verification. They do not store or keep that information.

  • What happens if my ID gets declined?

    Please check if your ID is readable and fulfills the required criteria (driver license and standard ID need to be valid plastic cards). Try scanning the card again, or upload it manually.

  • My ID isn’t scanning, whats the problem?

    It could be a variety of factors ranging from the lighting in the room to the camera resolution. The ID should scan if you can clearly read the information on the computer screen.

  • Can I upload a black-and-white image of my document?

    In order to verify all the security features we need a full color scan of your document.