End-to-End AI-Powered Identity Verification & Authentication

With identity theft and account takeover on the rise, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to trust that someone is who they claim to be online. Jumio’s identity verification and authentication solutions leverage the power of biometrics, AI and the latest technologies to quickly verify the digital identities of new customers and existing users.

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Trusted Identity as a Service Benefits

  • Optimize Conversions Jumio provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that takes less than a minute to complete.
  • Cross-Platform Support Jumio seamlessly integrates into websites, iOS or Android applications via APIs, SDKs and webcams.
  • Secure Data Storage All data is transmitted and stored with strong AES 256 bit encryption. Jumio is PCI Level 1 compliant.
  • Global Footprint Jumio supports more countries, languages, and document types than any other solution.
  • Fast Implementation Quickly integrates into your website or mobile app and business processes.
  • The UX Experts We’ll share the magic and best practices for how to introduce your users to online verification and how to minimize the friction associated with robust identity verification.
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Jumio ID Verification

Detect more fraud by scanning a user’s government-issued ID to ensure that it has not been digitally manipulated.

  • Ensure error-proof image capture.
  • Deliver an effortless customer experience.
  • Increase completion rates for business transactions and account openings.
  • Catch fake IDs and prevent fraud.
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Jumio Identity Verification

Determine if the person behind a transaction is present and who they say are.

  • Ensure customer presence with FaceTec ZoOm® Certified 3D Liveness Detection.
  • Compare photo ID to real world “selfie” to ensure against identity theft and deter fraudsters.
  • Deliver a definitive yes or no decision in seconds.
  • Dramatically reduce user friction and verification time with award-winning UX best practices.
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Jumio Document Verification

Provide online address verification by scanning and extracting data from utility bills, credit card and bank statements even if they’re creased or crumpled.

  • Meet KYC compliance and EU AML directives.
  • Securely and easily establish proof of residence.
  • Scan utility bills, bank statements, and more.
  • Extract and return pertinent customer data.
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Jumio Authentication

Leverage face-based biometrics to deliver a significantly more reliable authentication experience than passwords, out-of-band authentication and KBA.

  • Leverage face-based biometrics to deliver a significantly more reliable authentication experience than passwords, 2FA and KBA.
  • Provide an intuitive, user-friendly experience on all channels without compromising security.
  • Deter would-be fraudsters and protect against sophisticated spoofing attempts.
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Jumio Screening

Combine KYC-compliant ID verification with automatic AML screening for new account onboarding and ongoing monitoring.

  • Spot more risks and reduce false positives with smart screening of new online customers.
  • Customize by choosing which lists to screen against.
  • Identify, investigate and rapidly react to suspicious behavior with ongoing monitoring.
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