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Netverify® is the global leader in Trusted Identity as a Service and combines ID Verification, Identity Verification, and Document Verification for a complete solution to establish the real-world identity of consumers.

Leveraging advanced technology including biometric facial recognition, machine learning, and verification experts, Jumio helps businesses meet regulatory compliance including KYC and AML, reduce fraud, and provide a safe and secure customer experience.

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Netverify® Benefits

  • Optimize Conversions Netverify provides an intuitive and satisfying user experience that takes less than a minute to complete.
  • Cross-Platform Support Netverify seamlessly integrates into websites, iPhone, or Android applications via APIs, SDKs, and webcams.
  • Secure Data Storage All data is transmitted and stored with strong AES 256 bit encryption. Jumio is PCI Level 1 compliant.
  • Global Footprint Netverify supports more countries, languages, and document types than any other solution.
  • Fast Implementation Quickly integrates into your website or mobile app and business processes.
  • The UX Experts We’ll share the magic and best practices for how to introduce your users to online verification and how to minimize the friction associated with robust identity verification.
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The Netverify® Family

ID Verification

Verify customer IDs in real time.

  • Ensure error-proof image capture
  • Deliver an effortless customer experience
  • Increase completion rates for business transactions and account openings
  • Catch fake IDs and prevent fraud
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Identity Verification

Thwart fraud and meet compliance mandates by knowing the true identity of your customers.

  • Detect fraudulent transactions
  • Comply with KYC, PCI & AML regs
  • Low-friction user experience
  • Computer vision, AI & verification experts
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Document Verification

Capture and verify customer documents with ease.

  • Meet KYC compliance and EU AML directives
  • Securely and easily establish proof of residence
  • Scan utility bills, bank statements, and more
  • Extract and return pertinent customer data
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