How to Boost Conversion Rates During Onboarding with Real-time Course Correction

The Power of Real-time Course Correction

With deepfakes on the rise, establishing trust online has never been more important. But sacrificing user experience — and losing customers as a result — is not an acceptable trade-off.

Successful businesses use advanced identity verification solutions that can detect deepfakes and stop fraudsters while providing a streamlined onboarding experience for legitimate customers. In fact, according to a Liminal report, using an integrated identity platform can result in a 15.3x annual return per dollar spent, enabling businesses to onboard and transact with more consumers, avoid high overhead costs and reduce fraud losses.

So how do you create a great user experience? Most people will point to dynamic, risk-based workflows, where legitimate customers go through as few steps as possible while those at higher risk are prompted to complete more due diligence. And of course, each step should be clear and easy to follow.

But many forget about the good customers who run into trouble with low lighting, desktop glare, blurry photos, scanning the wrong side of their ID and other errors. Most automated solutions simply cannot process images if they have these issues. Unfortunately, many identity verification solutions return vague reasons like “Unreadable” that give the user little guidance on how to fix the problem, leading them to abandon the process in frustration.

That’s where real-time course correction comes into play. Sophisticated identity verification solutions like Jumio evaluate the quality of the photo in real time and prompt the user with clear guidance so they can successfully complete the process with no delay. For example, if the lighting is too low, we advise the user to use better lighting and try again. If their thumb is covering part of their ID, we let them know that part of the ID is obscured. If the photo is too blurry, we give them guidance on taking a clearer photo.

This approach reduces frustration for the user and dramatically increases the likelihood that they will successfully complete the onboarding process. It also reduces costs for Jumio’s business customers, because it ensures we receive a high-quality image to process, which increases the chance it will be successfully handled by our fully automated processes.

The result is less time and hassle for the user, which means more conversions and revenue for businesses, and improved image quality, which reduces costs. This is why real-time course correction is one of the most important elements of a streamlined identity verification solution.

To see examples of how course correction works, click here. If you want a demo of the whole Jumio user journey — or just to chat about your onboarding process and how we can help — fill out this form and we’ll be in touch shortly.



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