AML Regulatory Compliance — Trends, Technology and Threats for Online Gaming Operators

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The online gaming industry has witnessed massive growth in recent years and shows no sign of abating – the sector is projected to grow to USD 153.6 billion globally by 2030. Unfortunately, the increase in activity has been accompanied by increased risk of exploitation by financial criminals and increased scrutiny from regulators.

More than ever before, online gaming operators — providers of activities including sports betting, online wager, games of chance (e.g., roulette) and skill-based games (e.g., poker) — must take compliance seriously or risk suffering enormous fines and reputational damage. Regulators are tightening up the legislative framework for online gaming operators and imposing penalties on those who do not comply.

In Europe, the European Gaming and Betting Association recently strengthened its AML efforts with pan-European guidelines that cover customer and business risk assessments, due diligence and record-keeping requirements. The UK’s Gaming Commission, one of the strictest gaming regulators in the world, issued new rules on protecting “at-risk customers” in September 2022, to sit alongside existing AML regulations.

Regulatory Guide to AML Compliance

Explore Key Trends, Technology and Threats for Online Gambling Operators

The Commission also made clear that its rules do not just exist on paper and that implementation will be enforced, stating that “an attitude of the lowest-possible compliance being sufficient” will no longer be tolerated. Indeed, a review of the Commission’s website indicates the level of recent enforcement activity, with £20 million in fines issued in August 2022 alone.

But while regulations become increasingly stringent and enforcement actions abound, digital gaming operators still typically maintain limited compliance resources.

Our latest ebook for online gaming companies, Regulatory Guide to AML Compliance, is designed to help compliance teams understand their obligations and how to maximize their resources, focusing on critical threats and opportunities. Through examining global patterns while honing in on key markets in the UK, U.S. and EU, this guide explores current and future trends to help online gaming operators fortify their operations and remain compliant.

Topics include:

  • The threat landscape, including common money laundering behaviors and red flags
  • Suitability checks to spot signs of gaming addiction and lack of financial stability, and to determine eligibility in terms of age and location
  • Technology solutions and what to look for in a provider
  • Deep dives into key regulatory requirements in the UK, U.S. and EU

To keep up with changes in a sustainable way that fosters growth, online gaming operators are increasingly turning to technological solutions that streamline their compliance processes and keep them in step with the industry’s ever-changing requirements. For a more detailed look at the regulations in the U.S., UK and EU, and how to comply with them through technology, download the ebook. Or just contact Jumio to start a conversation with one of our specialists about your compliance needs.


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