How Jumio’s Investment in AI is Delivering Big Results for Our Customers

How Jumio’s Investment in AI is Delivering Big Results for Our Customers

Today we’re excited to announce some big improvements in our industry-leading identity verification and authentication solutions.

Made possible by our multi-year investment in AI, automation and product development, these innovations are onboard now to help you fight fraud and meet your compliance requirements, while converting good customers faster.

We invite you to get the complete details on the What’s New at Jumio page and read the news release, Jumio Identity Verification Realizes Big Gains in Speed, Accuracy, and User Experience from the Company’s AI Investment.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Faster ID Scans

Jumio has improved verification response times by more than 33% through the use of AI, machine learning and OCR improvements.

Automated Identity Verification

90% of all verifications receive definitive decisions using only AI and machine learning.

15% Improvement in Conversion Rates

Our customers have improved conversion rates by 15% with our more robust and intuitive course-corrections.

Certified Liveness Detection

We have the only certified liveness detection solution available to prevent deepfakes, bots and advanced spoofing attacks.

A Genuine Cross-Device Experience

Jumio’s genuine omnichannel experience has enabled our customers to increase online conversion rates for their webcam users by 10%.

To our customers, we hope you are loving the results of these improvements. And to our friends and prospects, we hope you’ll give Jumio a closer look.

For all the details visit What’s New at Jumio and read the news release.


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