Increase conversion rates, reduce fraud and improve your customer’s experience by integrating credit card and driver license scanning in your app.


Why we call it BAM

BAM is a com­pound of Boron, Alu­minum, and Mag­ne­sium which pro­duces the least amount of sliding fric­tion of any sub­stance. It’s all about elim­i­nating friction!

Enhance your mobile checkout expe­ri­ence and increase con­ver­sion rates with a simple and engaging process for cus­tomer scan­ning of their pay­ment and ID information.

With BAM Checkout, your cus­tomer simply taps the scan button inte­grated into your mobile checkout form and holds up their credit card and driver license to their mobile device’s camera. The scan­ning process is com­pleted in a matter of sec­onds and then auto-populates your existing checkout fields with all of the infor­ma­tion needed.

iOS and AndroidCur­rently avail­able for iOS and Android Apps!

  • BAM Mobile Checkout Benefits

  • Increase trans­ac­tion com­ple­tion rates by more than 10%.
  • Elim­i­nate an average of 75 key­strokes and nearly 2 min­utes of trans­ac­tion time.
  • Sig­nif­i­cantly reduce fraud-related chargebacks:
    • Anti-fraud tool cross­checks names on credit card and driver license.
    • Know your cus­tomer has their actual credit card in-hand.
  • Inte­grate into your mobile app’s existing checkout flow in as little as an hour.
  • Elim­i­nate cus­tomer data entry errors

Key Advantages

BAM Checkout – the friction-free way to speed your cus­tomers through your mobile checkout pages.

Save your cus­tomers time and effort

BAM Checkout elim­i­nates the need for your cus­tomers to spend about two min­utes of pre­cious time and under­take an average of 75 labo­rious key­strokes at checkout to type in their name, address and pay­ment data. Saving your cus­tomers time and effort results in more com­pleted trans­ac­tions, more rev­enue and higher cus­tomer satisfaction.

Works with your mobile app checkout flow.

Imple­men­ta­tion of BAM Checkout into your mobile app is fully con­fig­urable to match your existing checkout flow so other than incor­po­rating the Scan button into your mobile checkout page, no other changes are required. And it typ­i­cally takes only about an hour of devel­oper time to complete.

Reduce fraud risk

BAM Checkout adds 2 new com­po­nents into your existing anti-fraud mea­sures – 1. A cross­check is done com­paring the name on the credit card with the name on the driver license. Any incon­sis­ten­cies are imme­di­ately flagged. 2. You have the con­fi­dence of knowing who your cus­tomer is and that they have their actual credit card in-hand at trans­ac­tion time.

Features & Benefits

Increase conversion and revenue

Increase con­ver­sion and revenue

Cus­tomers are moti­vated to com­plete their pur­chases by replacing manual key entry of pay­ment and per­sonal data with a simple and engaging process for scan­ning their credit card and driver license.

Great user experience

Great user experience

Cus­tomers love when the mer­chants they transact with make it fast, easy and fun to make pur­chases. The BAM Checkout’s scan but­tons are intu­itive to use and will enhance your UI.


Cus­tomiz­able and Easy to Implement

The BAM Checkout SDK is designed for rapid and easy imple­men­ta­tion into your mobile app and can be accom­plished by a devel­oper in as little as one hour. BAM Checkout can be cus­tomized in keeping with your existing mobile app checkout flow. You can select either a one or two button process flow that gives you the option to scan either or both credit card and driver license.

No hardware or dongle required

No hardware or dongle required

BAM Checkout utilizes the camera on your customer’s mobile device to scan and extract both ID and payment information. BAM Checkout is available for iOS and Android applications.

Reduce fraud risk

Reduce fraud risk

BAM Checkout provides merchants with two fraud control measures by instantly crosschecking the name on a credit card with the name on a driver license and informing the merchant of any discrepancies. BAM Checkout also requires your customer to scan their actual credit card to complete the purchase.


Safe and Secure

Jumio is PCI Level 1 compliant and certified. In most cases, all actions take place on device and there is no transmission or storage of pictures or data. We adhere to strict 24/7 system monitoring standards.

Looking for Netswipe?

The credit card scan­ning tech­nology behind our award win­ning solu­tion – Netswipe has been com­bined with ID scan­ning to create BAM Checkout, a more com­pre­hen­sive scan-based checkout process. While Netswipe pro­vided mer­chants an easy and fast way to scan and val­i­date credit card infor­ma­tion, we rec­og­nize that a mer­chant checkout process also asks for a customer’s per­sonal data.

With BAM Checkout, your cus­tomer is able to scan both their credit card and driver license with their mobile device’s camera. The data is then auto-populated into your existing checkout fields with all of the infor­ma­tion needed — name, ship­ping address, credit card number and expi­ra­tion date.

Ready to Move Forward?

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