If you thought cer­tain places were off limits to use your mobile phone… think again. According to our new study, released today and con­ducted by Harris Inter­ac­tive, Amer­i­cans use smart­phones just about every­where, even in the most com­pro­mising (ahem) sit­u­a­tions: during sex (9%), in the shower (12%), and even while at church (19%).

The 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Habits study tells us one very big thing: we can’t part from our most trea­sured devices. In fact, nearly three in four Amer­i­cans (72%) say they’re within five feet of their smart­phones the majority of the time. So although some of us may think these places are inap­pro­priate for mobile phone usage, a number of Amer­i­cans still embrace their phones in the fol­lowing places: In a movie the­ater (35%), during a dinner date (33%), and at a child’s or school func­tion (32%).

It’s no wonder people in rela­tion­ships feel like their phones are cramping their love life – 12% of respon­dents in a rela­tion­ship said they believe their smart phone gets in the way of that relationship.


Stay tuned for more find­ings from the Mobile Con­sumer Habits study, which reveal Amer­i­cans’ con­cerns over losing their smart­phone, and how many people are snooping on someone else’s device.