National Jumio Survey Uncovers Chal­lenges at Checkout –
Lost Rev­enue for Brands

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 9, 2013 – Results from the 2013 Mobile Con­sumer Insights study released today by Jumio, Inc. and con­ducted online by Harris Inter­ac­tive® iden­tify why shop­ping cart aban­don­ment con­tinues to be a major issue among con­sumers. While the majority of smart­phone and tablet owners (68%) have attempted to make a pur­chase on their device, two-thirds (66%) failed to com­plete a trans­ac­tion due to obsta­cles encoun­tered during checkout. Though con­sumers favor the con­ve­nience of shop­ping on-the-go, a number of bar­riers – from  not being com­fort­able or feeling secure entering their credit card infor­ma­tion to the checkout process being too dif­fi­cult on their device – were cited as top rea­sons why respon­dents failed to com­plete a pur­chase on their smart­phone or tablet.

This study was con­ducted online by Harris Inter­ac­tive on behalf of Jumio, Inc. from March 22 – 26, 2013, among 2,130 U.S. online adults ages 18+.

Detailed find­ings from the Mobile Con­sumer Insights report include:

Cleanup at Checkout

Almost seven in 10 smart­phone and tablet owners (68%) have attempted to make pur­chases on their device. How­ever, prob­lems during the pay­ment process have forced two-thirds (66%) of that group to abandon their trans­ac­tions. Nearly half (47%) said they failed to com­plete a pur­chase because the checkout process took too long.

Among those adults who failed to com­plete an attempted pur­chase on their smart­phone or tablet…

  • 41% said the checkout was too dif­fi­cult on their device
  • 23% said they failed to com­plete their pur­chase because it would not go through

Mer­chan­dising to Men
Women may be known for holding the purse strings, but when it comes to making a pur­chase on mobile devices, men are the most likely to pull out the credit card.

  • 74% of men who are smartphone/tablet owners  have attempted to make a mobile pur­chase, com­pared to only 62% of women
  • Younger men most often shop on their mobile device, with 86% of 18 – 34 year old men reporting they’ve tried to pur­chase some­thing on their smart­phone or tablet

Safety First
The majority of those respon­dents who failed to com­plete an attempted pur­chase on their smartphone/tablet said it was because they didn’t feel com­fort­able entering their credit card infor­ma­tion (51%). Retailers may be missing the mark when it comes to com­mu­ni­cating with cus­tomers about online secu­rity, and costing them­selves heavily because of it.

  • Women are more likely than men (56% vs. 47%) to say they didn’t feel secure entering their credit card information
  • Age also plays a factor; 62% of those 55 or older have con­cerns over the secu­rity of their credit card infor­ma­tion, as com­pared with 59% of those 45 – 54 and 45% of 18 – 34 year olds

Con­sumers will con­tinue to demand a sim­pler, more stream­lined mobile pay­ment process,” con­tinued Mattes. “Until retailers address their impor­tant con­cerns – from pro­viding faster checkout options to addressing the safety of credit card and account info – they’ll con­tinue to see a large por­tion of their cus­tomers abandon their shop­ping carts instead of clicking ‘buy’.”

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Survey Method­ology

This survey was con­ducted online within the United States by Harris Inter­ac­tive on behalf of Jumio from March 22-March 26, 2013 among 2,130 adults ages 18 and older (of whom 1,261 are smartphone/tablet owners). This online survey is not based on a prob­a­bility sample and there­fore no esti­mate of the­o­ret­ical sam­pling error can be cal­cu­lated. For com­plete survey method­ology, including weighting vari­ables, please con­tact Jenny Davis.

About Jumio

Uti­lizing advanced com­puter vision tech­nology, Jumio is a next gen­er­a­tion cre­den­tials man­age­ment com­pany offering pay­ments and ID scan­ning & val­i­da­tion prod­ucts for mobile and web trans­ac­tions.  Designed to reduce fraud and increase rev­enue by min­i­mizing fric­tion in cus­tomer trans­ac­tions, Jumio’s prod­ucts inte­grate easily into mobile apps or web­sites and create great cus­tomer expe­ri­ences. Jumio’s prod­ucts are widely used by leading retailers, mar­ket­places and finan­cial institutions.

Jumio’s Netswipe® enables cus­tomers to scan their cards in online and mobile checkout resulting in increased rev­enue and reduced fraud for the mer­chants. Netverify® sup­ports real-time ID ver­i­fi­ca­tion in over 60 coun­tries to help clients meet a variety of know-your cus­tomer require­ments. The com­pany was founded in 2010 by CEO Daniel Mattes and is backed by top tier investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Citi Ven­tures and Face­book Co-Founder, Eduardo Saverin. Head­quar­tered in Palo Alto, Cal­i­fornia Jumio oper­ates glob­ally with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

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