Tips and Tales at Hagenberg

The Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences has meandered through Jumio’s past press releases, interviews, blogs and classifieds. For a very good reason. The proximity of the Jumio development center to the school allows for a fruitful cooperation.

Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences

Start-up days in Hagenberg

Last weekend, Daniel finally made a personal appearance on the Hagenberg campus to talk about his start-up and entrepreneurial experiences and engage in an extended and quite personal Q & A. Interest was high, level of motivation beyond and the quality of the questions off the hook. Daniel once again leaned heavily on the messages “Network now!” and – more importantly – “Do it!”

The latter is what characterizes a lot of the so-called Silicon Valley spirit. A message perfectly portrayed by famous Vancouver hardcore band D.O.A. who said “Talk Minus Action Equals Zero”. Daniel again praised the Valley spirit and an environment that encourages creative young minds to start their own enterprise. An environment with little bureaucratic obstacles and the chance to network everyday while getting lunch.

Hagenberg definitely has that feeling to it.(Mattes)

Overall the three-day STARTeurope event clearly left the attendees motivated to get their own ideas off the ground. When? Now!

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